Complete List of BitLife Ribbons Including Blue Ribbons


BitLife awards various ribbons for completing objectives as your character lives their virtual life. Each ribbon has a different color and pattern and is awarded to players at the time of the character’s death. When the app was first released, there were only 11 ribbons plus 2 secret ribbons. There are now a total of 36 ribbons to unlock plus 4 secret ribbons. Once the ribbon is achieved for the first time, it is unlocked and shows up in your ribbon collection.

Blue Ribbons in BitLife

There are 3 blue colored ribbons to unlock in BitLife: Influencer, Lazy, and Thief.

Influencer Ribbon – Enjoy the Life of a Social Media Star

Influencer_ribbon bitlife
The Influencer Ribbon in BitLife (via Candywriter)

The Influencer ribbon is light blue with a blue check mark, much like you would expect to find on verified social media accounts. To get this ribbon, your character must have or do the following:

  • Have high health, looks, and smarts stats
    • Optional: become a famous actor/singer/writer/politician
  • Sign up to any and all social media (available age 13+)
  • Post as much as possible to social media every year
  • Go viral with your online content by posting:
    • Blog
    • Thirst Trap
    • Challenge
    • Dance
    • Gaming
    • Haul
    • How-To
    • Selfie
    • Skit
    • Story
    • Sexy Pic
  • Promote your products
  • Monetize your YouTube account
  • Get verified on all social media platforms
  • Have a million followers

Lazy Ribbon – Live and Idle Life

lazy ribbon bitlife
The Lazy Ribbon in BitLife (via Candywriter)

This Lazy ribbon is bright blue with a sleepy face emoji, and is one of the easiest to get. To achieve this one, you must:

  • Have smarts over 10% (or you will receive the Stupid ribbon)
  • Do not get a job
  • Do not make friends
  • Do not date
  • Do not do anything!
  • Click ‘Age’ til you die aged 50 or over

Thief Ribbon – Steal From Others, Frequently

bitlife thief ribbon
The Thief Ribbon in BitLife (via Candywriter)

The Thief Ribbon is neon blue with a racoon face on it and is achieved by fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Pickpocket at least one person
  • Steal at least one car
  • Burgle at least one house
  • Total number of thefts must add up to 10 or more
  • If you get caught, you must escape prison
    • If you spend 5 years in prison, you will get a ‘scandalous’ ribbon instead
    • If you escape over 10 times, you get ‘Houdini’ ribbon
  • Avoid high paying jobs. Your net worth must be stolen money

Other Ribbons Available:

  • Academic – Complete a Post-Graduate Education
  • Addict – Die With Addictions
  • Barbie Girl – Go Under Many Knives
  • Cat Lady – Be a Spinster, Surrounded By Felines
  • Cunning – Practice Extreme Machiavellianism
  • Deadly – Be Responsible for the Deaths of Others
  • Family Guy – Be an Honest, Loving Father
  • Famous – Achieve Fame in Life
  • Fertile – Spawn a Lot of Offspring
  • Generous – Gift Well and Often
  • Geriatric – Live for a Very Long Time
  • Globetrotter – Travel or Emigrate to Many Countries
  • Gold Digger – Get Rich or Marry Rich
  • Hero – Save a Life or Die Nobly
  • Houdini – Escape from Prison Many Times
  • Highroller – Earn a Lot of Money Gambling
  • Jailbird – Experience Several Stints in Prison
  • Loaded – Die Insanely Wealthy
  • Lustful – Be Extremely Promiscuous
  • Mediocre – Be Extremely Ordinary
  • Monopoly – Buy and Sell Houses
  • Mooch – Ask of Others and Never Give Back
  • Movie Buff – Dedicate Yourself to Theatre
  • Rich – Die With High Net Worth
  • Rowdy – Live a Life of Debauchery
  • Scandalous – Spend a Lot of Time in Prison
  • Stupid – Live a dumb, Idle Life
  • Successful – Live a Balanced, Honest Life
  • Tarzan – Bond With Exotic Animals
  • Unlucky – Die Young and Unfortunately
  • Veteran – Serve a Distinguished Career in the Military
  • Wasteful – Fall Short of Your Potential
  • Wicked – Be Very Cruel To Others

Secret Ribbons

  • Model Bitizen – Live an Amazing Life
  • Team Mate – Become an App Developer
  • Bandit – Live Like an Outlaw of Old
  • Big Boss – Finish Your Business Career On Top

Those are all the ribbons available so far in BitLife!

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Complete List of BitLife Ribbons Including Blue Ribbons


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