The town of Ripton was any normal city in the United States, that is, until the local crime boss stepped into town. Viktor Zuev, an infamous crime lord, has taken Ripton by storm and has the entire town in a stranglehold. Everything – the local police, the politicians, the shopkeepers – is under his command and corruption is the name of the game now. The only hope left for this town? You and your ragtag band of renegade cops.

Rebel Cops is a new tactical strategy game that serves as a spinoff to Weappy Studio’s This is the Police. Players step into role of a commander who leads a team of rebel cops to fight corruption and take back the city. They know the odds are against them, and they are counting on you to lead them to victory.

Fight, sneak, and apprehend in this thrilling tactical turn-based strategy game. Your cops have a variety of non-lethal weapons and gadget to use. There are plenty of ways to approach a situation, so think outside of the box, but be careful – Rebel Cops uses a realistic damage model meaning that if anyone gets shot – your cops or enemies – they will quickly bleed to death if not tended to.

Each encounter provides you with different outcomes and options to choose from, but remember that every choice counts. If you take out too many innocent guards who are just trying to do their job, your morale will break and your cops may turn against you. This is just one example of the many different outcomes in Rebel Cops, so choose wisely; the fate of Ripton and your cops is in your hands.

Rebel Cops is available now on the App Store (6.99 USD) and Google Play Store (7.99 USD).


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