Combos Guide and Tips in Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Star Wars the Force Unleashed is an exciting multiplayer game set in the Star Wars universe. In this game, you will meet iconic characters, including enemies that you will need to defeat. The game has interesting combat mechanics, which include not only regular attacks, but also combo attacks, and we will talk about them in today’s article.

Combo List in Star Wars the Force Unleashed

As we said, there are powerful combo attacks in the game and there are quite a lot of them, so first we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the full list of attacks.

Saber attack:

  • X
  • X-X
  • X-X-X
  • X-X-X-X
  • X-B
  • X-X-B
  • X-X-X-B
  • X-X-X-Hold B
  • X-Y
  • X-X-Y
  • X-X-X-Y
  • A-Hold X
  • A-X-X-X
  • Block LT (before enemy melee attack)-X
  • Block LT (before enemy melee attack)-B
  • Block LT (before enemy melee attack)-Y
  • A+X (if the enemy is nearby)
  • Y+B (if the enemy is nearby)
  • LB+X
  • Hold RT-X
  • X-X-X-hold B-X-X-X
  • X-X-X-hold B-X-Y
  • X-X-X-hold B-X-B
  • X-X-X-hold B-X-X-Y
  • X-X-X-hold B-X-X-B
  • X-X-X-X-X
  • X-X-X-X-B
  • X-X-Pause-X-X
  • X-X-X-Pause-X-X-X
  • X-X-X-X-Pause-X-X-X-X

Lightning strikes:

  • Y
  • Hold Y
  • Hold RT-Y
  • LB+Y

Throw saber:

  • Hold LT+X
  • Hold LT+Hold X


  • B
  • Hold B
  • Hold RT-B
  • LB+B

Combos Guide and Tips in Star Wars the Force Unleashed

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Now that you know what combo attacks are, you can practice a little and successfully use them against enemies. But we would like to share with you some tips on how to use combos more effectively:

  • When you fight against Terror Troopers or Imperial Riot Troopers, use lightning (Y). This will immobilize the enemies, and then you can kill them with the Light Saber.
  • When fighting War Droids, Giants, and most bosses, use the Light Saber throw. Before throwing, you can also charge your saber by holding + to make the attack even more powerful.
  • When fighting Sith Acolytes, we recommend only using melee X combos such as X-X-X-X.
  • When fighting AT-STs and AT-MPs, we advise you to first repel their attacks with LT or RT and then destroy them with LT+X.

That’s all we wanted to tell you about combos in Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Remember the main combinations of combos well and learn how to use them in time, and then you can defeat any enemy.

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Combos Guide and Tips in Star Wars the Force Unleashed


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