The outside lights have dimmed, the background is ready, and the stage is set… it is time to hit the lights! Hit the Light is a simple yet addicting arcade shooter where players are presented with colorful neon artwork that must be destroyed!

Whether you only have a second, need to unwind, or you are just plain bored, Hit the Light is the perfect game to hold your attention for a little while. In each level, players are presented with a bunch of neon lights that are set in a pattern that displays a neat little picture. Almost feel kind of bad destroying them, no?

But not bad enough! You will be equipped with a variety of ammo that can be unleashed with your cannon in the middle of the screen. Your goal remains the same between levels, and that is to completely destroy all of the lamps! Shoot metal balls, shurikens, and even bombs to get the job done!

Hit the Light is almost cathartic when you hear all of that glass breaking into little bits. Start blowing up stuff today – Hit the Light is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store!


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