Colopl Rune Story Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Journey to the World’s End in Rune Story! Colopl Rune Story is an action RPG with some unique mechanics. Unlock over a hundred different characters to play as, and level them up to your liking with the soul board! Manage your own town and give your heroes a nice place to rest when they’re not in a dungeon. Fight massive bosses in a story line that will take you to the ends of the world! We’ll help you on your journey with our Colopl Rune Story cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Stick and move!

When an enemy is about to attack, it’ll briefly flash bright red. This is your cue to get out of the way! If you’re in the middle of an attack animation, trying dodging out of the way. To dodge, just swipe in the direction you want to go and your character will roll that way. Get used to “stick and move” attack pattern, as it’ll help you avoid heavy damage! This goes double for the bosses. Since their telegraphs are much more pronounced, they do loads of damage and you need to get out of the way!

2. Switch to Iris when you need heals!

Iris’ first SP skill is a small area heal. This will heal Iris herself, plus an ally if you brought one along. What we didn’t know is that this also heals your entire team that is waiting on standby! If one of your heroes gets low on health, play as Iris for a while and keep using her heal skill. This gets even better if you’re unlock more SP runes on the soul board.

3. Complete all of the objectives!

Each level has three optional objectives for you to complete. They may vary sometimes, but for the most part they are always: clear the level with no KOs, open all treasure chests, and defeat all the enemies. You should always try to do all three, as completing all of them will net you some jewels at the end of the level, the premium currency of the game.

4. Explore all of the map!

One of the objectives to do is to open all the treasure chests on a level, and this is probably the trickiest one to do. There is no indicator that you’ve gotten all the chests on the level, so you just have to guess! Be sure to explore the entire map. As a general rule of thumb, if you come to a fork in the road, try look for a dead end on the mini map. Most of the time a chest will be hiding in the dead end.

5. Don’t neglect your town!

The game turns into a base management game when you unlock your town. Be sure to keep it up-to-date, as it will unlock various bonuses for dungeon team. Build your two gold mines right off the bat and upgrade them as much as you can for a nice steady income of gold. Also, you can raise your teammates’ affinities if you tap on them when you see them walking around your town. Boost their morale!

6. Upgrade your soul boards!

Each hero has a soul board associated with them. You start out in the middle, and you can choose which branch to follow. Each branch has a variety of upgrades on them. You need enough runes in order to activate the node, which will then grant a permanent stat increase to your hero. This is the primary way of leveling up your heroes, so don’t forget about it!

7. Don’t exchange your weapons just yet!

Before you exchange your weapons for different ones, try seeing if you can upgrade. Certain weapons can be upgraded into new and improved versions, so if you like the weapon, check if you can upgrade it first. These upgrades usually cost a hefty amount of runes, so save up if you want to upgrade!

That’s all for now. We’ll be back soon with another guide on getting more jewels! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Colopl Rune Story Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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