The iOS gaming scene is full with all sorts of titles. Some of them are interesting spins on established gaming genres and formulas created to better appeal to the mobile audience and the specific feature of mobile devices.

Endless runner platform games have been quite successful thanks to a simple yet engaging formula which is perfect to play on the go. Even the endless games’ formula has been twisted around to release some truly unique titles.

This is exactly what Codemasters did with its latest free to play title which has been soft launched on the Singaporean Store a few hours ago. Instead of releasing an endless runner, the team has release an endless racing game. Color me impressed.

In Drive: USA you will control a car racing on an endless track. Instead of really moving the car, players will have to use the usual swipes to change lanes. While not an overly original experience, this new take on the genre is definitely interesting. Being a free to play game, Drive: USA comes with some in-app purchases that will make gamers’ life easier if they’re willing to spend some real money for power-ups and more.

Considering the game has been released without an announcement, we can expect a good number of improvements on the game’s formula when it releases in the rest if the world

Drive: USA is now available for download on the Singaporean App Store. We’ll let you know once it gets released in other regions. In the meantime, you can check out a gameplay video right below.

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