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Call of Duty: Mobile’s always evolving with the introduction of new community updates. With every update, the developers incorporate new events that bring various new rewards and items to the games.

The same is true in the case with the newly added Small Arms event in which players can unlock the new LK-24 Alarm weapon and plenty of EXP points. However, amid all the Small Arms event missions, the Backstabber Medal task seems unclear for most players.

Those who are aware of the objective to procure the Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile can easily bag it. However, if you are completely oblivious of the process to earn the Backstabber Medal, here’s a guide to obtain it.

What is Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile?

Backstabber Medal is an achievement in COD Mobile that players can unlock by killing an enemy from behind with a melee weapon in Multiplayer Mode. Currently, Call of Duty: Mobile features 43 medals in total, and Backstabber Medal is among one of them.

Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile
COD Mobile Backstabber Medal

As soon as you kill an enemy from behind with a melee weapon, the game will reward you 1x Backstabber Medal. In addition to this, you can also check the total number of medals you’ve earned to date by navigating to your player’s medal section.

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How to earn Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile?

As stated in the medal’s description box, players can earn Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile by killing an enemy from behind with a melee weapon like a knife. Since it’s a multiplayer mode exclusive medal, players can only earn it by playing multiplayer mode.

As mentioned earlier, in one of the “Small Arms” Seasonal event missions, players must acquire 3x Backstabber Medals in order to unlock the LK-24 Alarm weapon. Hence, players must only complete the above objective three times to get their hands on the exclusive weapon.

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