COD Mobile Prizefighters Strategy Guide: Tips and Cheats


It’s time to get up close and personal in Call of Duty: Mobile! The Prizefighters are a set of trusty boxing gloves, and you can bop your opponents silly with these bad boys. Today, we’ll show you how to get the Prizefighters and how to do well with them in our COD Mobile Prizefighters tips and cheats strategy guide!

How to Get the Prizefighters

In order to get the blueprints for the Prizefighters, you’ll need to complete the seasonal event “Knockout Artist.” This event has a total of seven challenges to it, and you must complete all seven in order to receive the Prizefighters. They are:

  1. Play 5 multiplayer matches
  2. Kill 10 enemies with melee weapons
  3. Earn the Knockout medal 15 times (kill with a melee weapon)
  4. Kill 20 enemies with Dead Silence and Quick Fix perks equipped
  5. Earn the Backstabber medal 15 times (kill an enemy from behind with a melee weapon)
  6. Win 5 multiplayer matches with the Hardline perk equipped
  7. Kill 15 enemies with the AGR 556 equipped with any 5 attachments

You shouldn’t have too much trouble completing these challenges. Most of them are pretty straightforward—simply kill under the correct conditions, and you’re good to go. The one you might have a bit of trouble with is the Backstabber one, and for that one, we recommend being sneaky. Try to hide around corners and wait for people to pass by you, then go in for the kill!

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How to Use the Prizefighters

The Prizefighters make you a formidable threat! When equipped, you can perform a quick one-two punch combo with them. If either punch connects with an enemy, they’ll go down in one hit, just like any other melee weapon. It helps to stay on the move, as you’ll be harder to hit as you bob and weave your way towards your opponents.

Try to ambush opponents from around corners and blind spots. If you run straight at an enemy and there’s quite the distance between you two, you’re likely to be gunned down before you’re anywhere close to them. Move erratically and unpredictably—don’t let the enemy know your move!

That concludes our guide on the Prizefighters in COD Mobile. If you have any other tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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COD Mobile Prizefighters Strategy Guide: Tips and Cheats


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