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COD Mobile Hip Fire Guide: Advanced Mode, How to Use, and More

COD Mobile Hip Fire Guide: Advanced Mode, How to Use, and More
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Call of Duty Mobile can be an intense game. There are over 35 multiplayer maps and around different 8 modes. The weapon variety and elaborate customization allow you to experiment with gunplay.

Using Hip Fire is an art, and you will have to refine this art so you can dominate those close-quarter combats. Not only that, but hip fire lets you shoot enemies faster than ADS-ing.

If you want to adopt the hip fire play style on some maps, here’s a brief guide to get you started.

Call of Duty Mobile: A Guide to Using Hip Fire

Here’s how you can start using hip fire in COD Mobile:

Change the Weapon Settings

codm hip fire guide
Choose hip fire under Advanced Mode

By default, all the guns in the game are set to ADS. For using hip fire, you will have to tinker with the game’s settings. From the ‘settings’ menu in the lobby, go to the ‘controls’ menu. At this point, you will see two options: Hip Fire and ADS. You have to pick Hip Fire (aka the Advanced Mode).

If you’re nit-picky about controls, you can change the entire layout and customize it as per your preferences.

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Accuracy is Compromised

hip fire guide
Attachments can help you hip fire with more accuracy

Of course, hip fire lets you fire much faster than ADS. However, these shots are less accurate than ADS, and you’ll have to fire more shots to deal damage. You can alleviate this issue by using attachments like foregrip and laser pointers. An extended magazine will let you fire a lot. Finally, perks like Wild Hip Fire will amp up your hip fire play style.

Get the Right Guns

cod mobile
Shotguns, SMGs, are good for hip fire

For hip fire, accuracy is a bit of a problem. This is why you need weapons that can give you high damage, less recoil, and more magazine capacity. Guns that fire rounds and rounds of bullets quickly will be a good choice. Shotguns deal high damage and don’t need to be accurate in a tiny map. SMGs are easy to control. Even heavy machine guns are a good choice.

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COD Mobile Hip Fire Guide: Advanced Mode, How to Use, and More


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