The nice casual game Clumsy Ninja, developed by NaturalMotion Games, has received a brand new update today which introduces new items and features to the game.

Even Ninja cannot resist the World Cup Tournament, it seems, so most of the new content is actually soccer themed like an inflatable football player, new goalposts, wooden defenders and more. The new update is now available for free so make sure to get back into the game and download it to start feeling that World Cup fever that seems to affect pretty much everybody these days.

Clumsy Ninja is one of the more successful games released on the App Store the past year. Within its first week of release, the game has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Clumsy Ninja’s gameplay experience is centered around training the titular ninja to improve his skills. This means that you can undertake several different activities like hide and seek, training with a punching bag and more. You will also be able to travel all over the world and complete quests that will ultimately unlock new items that can be used to further train your ninja.

Clumsy Ninja is now available for download on the App Store.



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