Building the best team in Clone Evolution isn’t the easiest task at hand, but our cheats and tips for the game will try to make it an easier journey and help you make sure that you take advantage of everything there is to take advantage from in the game.

Clone Evolution is a really fun RPG game with well- (or not that well-) known real life celebrities used as fighters against the evil forces. With multiple things to have in mind, tons of heroes to unlock and features to master, this one is a game that will keep you busy for long periods of time.

So let’s not waste any second and let’s make that time well spent by checking out below some Clone Evolution tips and cheats that will help you get the best team possible in the game.

Know the roles and strengths of your characters
There are basically three types of characters available in the game:

Tanks (defensive, with high health and defense)
Support (mages and similar troops that have boost capabilities over your own characters or various effects over the opponents)
Damage Dealers (as the name suggests, these are the characters that cause pandemonium)

Since you have a front line of two characters and a backline of four, you should always keep the Tanks up front to receive the damage and the damage dealers / support units at the back.

You should always know that your heroes will be usually attacked in the same order: first, the two front line guys (or girls), then the heroes in the backline, from left to right. Therefore, keeping your best backline characters to the right is the best.

But knowing the strengths of all units is extremely important too: you need to know their skills and abilities in order to be able to build the perfect team based on what you have on hand. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch if you get a really good hero and boost their stats ASAP by sacrificing dead weights or keeping them into training.

Always keep them training
The training mechanism in Clone Evolution is really interesting: not only that the characters to select for training get a huge XP boost, but they also generate resources. Usually, the more time they spend training before you collect, the better.

So always have the maximum amount of characters training. I usually let my weakest characters train over night, so that they get a nice boost in XP when I start playing in the morning. This easily allows you to get them on terms with the levels of your other characters.

Don’t sacrifice green characters yet!
Early on in the game, your character rooster will get filled pretty fast. You will also get shards to create tons of robots, so you will be tempted (or forced) to start using the heroes to upgrade the others you have in order to free up some space.

This is definitely something you should do, but do it smart because eventually you will unlock the Institute, which requires green heroes in order to give you affinity boosts. This means that sticking to your rarer, green heroes is a must!

Therefore, you should always feed the grey (common) heroes to your main ones, as well as the robots which can’t be used in the Institute. Alternately, in order to keep your character slots empty, you can just keep the robot shards in your inventory and only use them when you need material for leveling up your characters.

Save your Arena coins too
After unlocking the arena, you will be tempted to spend your tokens on the great equipment available there, but my recommendation is to be patient and hold onto those resources. Wait until your characters reach level 40 and above and only then should you start spending your Arena coins for purchases. Level 20 and below will prove to be a waste of coins, trust me!

The Institute is key
Once you unlock the Institute and you’ll be able to work on the affinity bonuses, you should invest a lot of time, resources and thought there. Decide which of the available attributes fits your team the best and focus on that. It depends from player to player, based on the heroes they have and use in battle, so always choose based on what you have.

But if you really want my opinion or recommendation of an element to focus on, that would be Water. It seems right now that it’s the best element to focus on and it offers tremendous help in expeditions and the overall game.

Another tip to prepare you for the institute is to hold onto the clone scrolls until you open the Institute in order to level it up fast once it becomes available.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Clone Evolution. If you have other strategies that you had success with in the game, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.


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