Clicker Pirates is an amazingly beautiful endless clicker for the iPhone and iPad and it kept me busy for a really long time, something that not even the biggest games out there manage to do. It was actually very difficult for me to put it down and come write this article, but it had to be done because I have some Clicker Pirates cheats and tips to share with you and help you get the most out of this game: unlock all pirates, destroy all the monsters and bosses and generally be the best.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out the Clicker Pirates cheats and tips below and have fun leveling up and destroying all those amazing monsters. And, of course, fill our treasure chests with gold!

1. Upgrade your captain’s DPS
Although you’ll spend less and less time actually clicking in the game as you progress and more supervising your crew and letting them do the hard work, it is vital to upgrade your captain’s DPS especially early on when you start and you have to do most of the tapping. Also upgrade the skills every now and then because they are extremely useful especially when it comes to boss fights, as you will see later on.

2. Watch videos for double money
Every now and then you will get the chance to watch a video and double the money you’re getting for 4 hours. This is extremely helpful, so make sure that you always take advantage of the offer – you will see it as an exclamation mark in the upper right side of the screen.

3. Be smart when it comes to unlocking and upgrading crew
At first, it doesn’t seem that you have much control over the crew you’re getting and the upgrades, as you unlock them as you get money – but if you’re a bit careful, you’ll be able to get a bit more early on. This means that you should always focus on upgrading the crew that gives you better boosts (either in terms of increased damage for all characters or extra money – or other similar goodies). Simply tap on the first skill of each crew to see the list of all their skills and focus on those who are better first. Easy as pie!

4. Keep an eye on the water!
Every now and then, apart from monsters, the water will also spawn different chests and crates: make sure to collect them for either a ton of extra money or for a chance to fill the chest meter on your ship and unlock a free spin for even better goodies – including the possibility of getting an artifact. Also make sure to actually use the free spin as soon as you unlock it (when you have the required number of crates) to progress even faster.

5. Use your captain’s skills for boss fights
Boss fights are really difficult (eventually) and in order to get past the most difficult of them all, you should use the special skills of your Captain. Simply use them (all or just a part) to beat the boss and keep on going. That’s the only moment when you should use the special skills actually – to get past the difficult bosses.

This is it for now in terms of Clicker Pirates tips and tricks, but make sure to visit soon as we’ll publish a new article about resetting the world and benefits, the Merchant, artifacts and more advanced stuff!


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