Clicker Fred by Dedalord is a brand new game featuring the well known characters. This time, we’re talking about an idle clicker type of game with an unique approach. Keep Freds running like crazy and collecting coins for you as you go. Upgrade, evolve, open chests and have a ton of fun while doing so!

And we’re here to make the experience as pleasant as possible by sharing some Clicker Fred cheats and tips with you in a complete strategy guide. This game is pretty straightforward and there are few hidden shortcuts or things that are not blatantly obvious, but we’ll cover them all here and hopefully your game will get better as a result.

So let’s not waste and time and let’s check out below some Clicker Fred tips and tricks to improve your game!

1. Keep an eye on speed boost when upgrading
This is the most important thing to look at when leveling up your Freds: how great is the speed increase based on the money you spend. Obviously, you should always go for the best value which offers the biggest increase for the smallest cost.

The only thing you should keep in mind about this – and the only thing that influences this strategy – is reaching the milestone levels. Reaching a milestone gives you a huge boost to the speed of that particular Fred, so it pays to focus on getting there first. But you hit a wall relatively soon and after that it’s better to focus on the biggest gains per coins spend instead of focusing solely on milestones, which would take a lot longer to hit.

2. Spend your diamonds on offline time
You initially start the game with only 4 hours of online time collection. This means that if you’re not playing the game for a period of time that’s larger than 4 hours, you won’t collect any extra money from that. But in the store, you can spend a few diamonds to increase that amount and that’s an amazing investment to make because it sticks with you indefinitely. My suggestion is to upgrade the offline collection time to 8 hours at least.

3. Watch ads
Video ads are a necessary evil in freemium games and Clicker Fred makes no exception. In this case, you should always watch ads to double your income after spending a longer time away from the game – this helps a lot. You should always watch all the possible ads for getting more chest keys as getting them through other free methods (when they float above Freds’ heads) takes a ton of time.

4. Tap power upgrades are pretty much useless
Focus on purchasing Pacts that increase your characters’ speed, the money they collect and anything else but the Tap Power. That’s the last thing to worry about and you should always invest in it when everything else has been bought and you have some money left to spend. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a waste of money because tapping the screen will hit the maximum with relative ease.

5. Complete the missions
Your main goal should be that of completing 25 missions in order to unlock Zombie Fred for free. Plus, you receive gems from completing missions, so it helps a lot. Check out the requirements and complete the easier ones first. For example, there’s one asking to whip Freds: simply tap the screen over and over above the Freds and you’ll whip them every now and then. The other missions are pretty much self-explanatory and you should be able to complete the 25 required to unlock Zombie Fred in about 2 days.

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Clicker Fred. Do you have other strategies to share with fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


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