Those lovable little green hair buddies are back, and they are quite the blast from the past! Lemmings is a newest entry into the puzzle series from the 90’s, redesigned for a mobile friendly experience, and to bring newcomers into the series!

The titular Lemmings are these little friendly fellows who are on a journey to get through some of most hazardous environments ever. Lemmings are rather simple folk, and they will simply continue to walk in one direction even if certain doom awaits them.

That is where you, the player, comes in! Lemmings will listen to every word you say, so you can direct them with various tools and contraptions to help them get through the level safely. They can build bridges, use umbrellas to fall safely, and more!

Lemmings contains a full-fledged single player adventure, but if you are feeling competitive you can rank up against other players online to see who can complete levels the fastest. Are you the ultimate Lemmings commander?

Lemmings makes its way onto the App Store today. Download now for free!


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