Titan Quest is an extremely popular hack and slash game originally launched on PC back in 2006. 10 years later, it gets ported by DotEmu and is finally available for download on the App Store. The good news? It’s just $6.99, which is still cheaper than the generic price on Steam – meaning that if you haven’t purchased or played it yet (which you should!), you can get it on your iPad or iPhone for a lower price. AND get to experience it on the go!

Titan Quest is a Diablo-like game, a top-down action game with RPG elements that puts you in control of a champion of the Gods and sends you out to do their dirty work while you have the purest possible form of fun.


There are 30 character classes and 150 different skills to learn, over 1,200 items to loot and collect, tons of enemies to destroy – over 80 types to be precise, most of them inspired by the Greek mythology. So expect to battle against Minotaurs, Cyclops, Gorgons and much more.

The game allows cloud saves (meaning that you can save your progress on your iPhone and carry on playing on your iPad, for example) and offers over 60 hours of glorious gameplay. If you’re a fan of hack and slash titles, then this is definitely one you have to get right now. If you still don’t know if you want it or not, here’s a short gameplay video (a dev diary, actually that includes gameplay) which shows just how cool the game is:

If you like what you see, download Titan Quest on the App Store now!



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