A really nice classic first person game is going to be released later today on the App Store, as it has appeared a few hours ago on the New Zealand App Store.

If you are also a PC and console gamer, you surely know about the Bioshock series, a series remembered for the unique setting and gameplay exeperience. Starting later today, it will be possible to experience the first game of the series on iOS devices.


Bioshock is going to be a quite large download, requiring 1.65 GB of free storage space. Things aren’t that better for the pricing, since the game will cost $14.99. Still, the game is definitely worth its price, thanks to its high quality and unique features.

Bioshock on iOS is going to play just like the other versions of the game. Unfortunately the game will not look as nicely as it does on other platforms since the team had to make some minor graphical changes like removing dynamic shadows and changing how the fog is displayed. The iOS version also includes an artbook as IAP, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bioshock will be released on the App Store later today. The game should become available as soon as August 28th kicks in in each regions for the price of $14.99.




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