Clash of Sultans Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Most Powerful City

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Clash of Sultans tips and cheats to help you make all the best upgrades and build a powerful city. If you like this type of strategy games, you will have a lot of fun playing Clash of Sultans!

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The whole game has beautiful graphics overall, and it’s strikingly similar to Game of Sultans. In our article today I will tell you exactly how to make each upgrade in order to level up quickly and benefit from all the goods the game has to offer.

So, if you are ready, then let’s jump right into our Clash of Sultans tips and tricks right here below!

Start by building tons of resource facilities

This is one of the things you should do early on which have quite a big impact on the game in the long run. Even if you won’t need all these resources early on, you should build the farms and mills in all the plots of land available.

When you are starting you will have 15 slots to work with, until you unlock 10 more (by leveling up City Hall to 5). In these first 15 slots I suggest that you have: 2 Infirmaries, 7 Farms and 6 Sawmills. 

After you unlock 10 more, max out the Farms (10 is the maximum number). Add 3 Barracks also (for start) and in the remaining slots build Sawmills.

All of these resource facilities will help you gather all the wood and food you need, and if you want to destroy them later to build others, you can do so by tapping on them, then going to the “info” tab and then selecting “demolish”.

Build and upgrade for free

All the buildings you want to add to your city (or its outskirts) can be instantly built for free. If you don’t like free stuff (for some weird reason) you can select to build them normally by picking the option to the right, but generally I suggest that you go for the free building.

When you opt for the free construction, you get the building finished in an instant, so that’s something that will speed up the whole building process. Also, once you built it, you can check the same button for the “free upgrade”.

I suggest always upgrading buildings for free, because this will take literally less than a second. If your builders are working on a facility which you cannot upgrade for free, you can leave them to work on it, while you go to another building which has a free upgrade available.

You can upgrade the buildings for free instantly even if your builders are currently busy, so think of it in such a way that you can do multiple things at once to keep the city upgrading at all times.

Keep all your buildings maxed out

This is something that I prefer to do quite a lot, because it’s pretty satisfying. Whenever you upgrade your City Hall you can increase the level of some buildings. I suggest always having them maxed out (for the current City Hall level) before you make the next City Hall upgrade.

This will help you always keep track of your buildings and keep them to maximum proficiency. The resource farms will produce more resources, and you will basically finish a lot of tasks before the game even asks for them.

When you do this, you will complete the game’s quests before the game even asks you about them.

Start researching various fields

In the city you can research quite a few useful skills in various fields, from Resources and City Progress, to City Defense and Military.

Everything will have a big impact on how your whole city will develop, so you should have something researching at all times because it takes time – lots and lots of time. There are a million things you can improve and research, so definitely make sure you always are learning something new.

The skills you start researching should be, first of all, City Progress, and to be more precise – Civil Engineering I. That will increase the Construction Speed, which makes all the upcoming buildings progress much faster when you upgrade them.

Collect several daily rewards

In game you can claim several types of daily rewards, and I am going to tell you exactly where to find them and what they give. You should definitely collect them because they are really useful and you will receive a ton of resources and speed ups from them. This is where you can claim various rewards:

Event Center

In the Event Center you can check out the events currently active in game and learn the latest news in game. Here you can claim daily login rewards, for logging in consecutively for 7 days straight (even if you don’t plan on playing, you should still just log in and collect the rewards because on day 7 you get 1000 Gold).

You can also claim various goodies for staying online in game, so check back often and see when the next reward will be ready for pick up!


You can also check your Warehouse to collect your resource farms’ wield every hour.


Another place where you can find various rewards is the Bazaar. Here you should spin daily the Lucky Wheel for free, and if you are lucky to get more Wheel Tokens, good for you! Else, you can buy them (top right corner when you are in the Lucky Wheel interface).

Daily Reward

In the bottom side of the screen you will see a button with a bunch of stacked scrolls. Tap on that and you’ll be able to see all the tasks you can do to get some cool rewards. These are basically your daily quests, so try to do as many as you an every single day.

Link your account and get free Gold

When you link your account with the game for the first time you will receive 100 Gold! Make sure you do this if you want to quickly make 100 Gold (you will need them if you want to advance quickly).

Set on Expeditions

On the main interface of the game you will see to the left a button with two swords (you can also access it from City Hall building -> City Hall -> Expedition) and there you will have a list of possible locations that you can start exploring.

Try to always send your soldiers on expeditions because they give very good rewards, the more you explore. Since expeditions can take very long (8 hours for example) don’t expect the results right away!

Visit your Harem

You can find your Harem in the City Hall building -> City Hall -> Harem. There, you will have the girl named Orcadia by now (you get her during tutorial), but you can also unlock the second girl if you clear Shibam during exploration.

Always try to raise your affection with her, by answering her questions (the answers are very obvious – whatever she asks, just say yes, not that you don’t have time) and Favor with her.

The girls in your Harem give you various buffs, so make sure you keep them all happy!

Join an active clan

When you join an active clan you will be able to benefit from several perks, such as construction speed ups and protection.

Once you have joined a new clan, you will be able to relocate your base next to your clan’s on the world map, so make sure you do so because it will offer you more protection against random enemy attacks.

You can also help each other (help other clan members) by speeding up each other’s building construction (or rather upgrading) process.

These would be all of our Clash of Sultans tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful game tips or have some suggestions for fellow players? Share them down in the comments below!

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Clash of Sultans Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Most Powerful City

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