Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games around, even to this day. Supercell’s influence on the mobile market hasn’t been forgotten, alongside its other hit Clash Royale. The updates continue to roll out, and today we’ve gotten a preview at the upcoming Town Hall 12 update!

In the aptly named Town Hall 12 update, players will be able to upgrade their Town Hall to level 12. As you know, upgrading your Town Hall will also lift the cap on your existing buildings, and Supercell has provided a full list of the new level ceilings.

Storage Buildings:

  • Elixir Storage – level 13
  • Gold Storage – level 13
  • Dark Elixir Storage – level 7

Defense Buildings:

  • Cannon – level 16
  • Archer Tower – level 16
  • Mortar – level 11
  • Air Defense – level 10
  • Wizard Tower – level 11
  • Bomb Tower – level 7
  • X-Bow – level 6
  • Hidden Tesla – level 10
  • Inferno Tower – level 6
  • Eagle Artillery – level 3
  • Walls – level 13 (100x pieces)

Trap Buildings:

  • +1 Giant Bomb
  • +2 Spring Trap
  • +1 Seeking Air Mine
  • +1 Air Bomb
  • +1 Hidden Tesla

Miscellaneous Buildings:

  • Clan Castle – level 8 (+5 housing increase)
  • Laboratory – level 10
  • Army Camp – level 10 (+5 housing increase each)

Now for the biggest piece of news: your Town Hall can now fight back! Upon reaching Town Hall level 12, you have the option to add a Giga Tesla to it. The Giga Tesla will enable your Town Hall to defend itself, and it can be upgraded to level 5 which helps it attack more targets at the same time. At max level, should your Town Hall fall, the Giga Tesla will self-destruct and take down anything nearby!

The final piece of news from this update is a sneak peek at the new building: the Siege Workshop! Players will be able to build siege vehicles in this workshop, and it should prove for some explosive base destroying! Next update will have a more in-depth preview, so stay tuned!


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