Clash of Clans

A new update is now available for Clash of Clans, the highly successful game developed by Supercell. The new update includes a new troop as well as new levels.

The new troop is the Dark Barracks tropp Lava Hound, a flying beast that’s though and reliable. Even when taken down, the Lava Hound is a dangerous creature, as it will explode, unleashing smaller units.

The Dark Hound isn’t the only new addition of the update. Supercell has added some new levels, allowing Barbarian and Archer to reach level 7, the Archer Tower level 13 and Dark Barracks level 6. The team has also added plenty of tweaks to the gameplay exeperience, like reducing heal times for the Hero and training time for the Valkyrie, new features for replays and much more.

Another Clash of Clans update has been released back in April, introducing several new features like the Clan War and much more, further expanding the gameplay experience.

Clash of Clans is now available for download on the App Store. The game is one of the best games currently available on iOS platforms so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a fun and engaging strategy/ tower defense game to play on the go.



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