The biggest Clash of Clans update has just been launched and it introduced a feature that everybody demanded for quite a while now: Clan Wars! I am here to share with you a complete guide to Clash of Clans clan war: how to join an alliance, how to start a clan war and basically everything you need to know about this exciting brand new feature of this game.

So, since it will probably be a long article, it’s better to get it started. Here is Touch Tap Play’s Clash of Clans clan war guide!

First things first: in case you haven’t done so already, you must do the obvious in order to get the chance to participate in a Clan War: rebuild your Clan Castle and join or create a Clan. Now the fun part begins!

When there are 10 eligible players in the clan, the leader and co-leader have the option to start a clan war. You will be matched with a random opponent (so, for now, no options to start a direct war with a specific clan!) and the two day process of the Clan War begins.

Pro tip: Why am I in Spectator Mode during the Clan War in Clash of Clans
Answer: Because you are either ineligible (you left your previous clan while it was still in war, and you will become eligible after the war ends) OR you have joined your new clan after the Start War button was pressed by the leader/co-leader. Finally, if none of these applies, the Supercell team said that some players might be placed in Spectator Mode to balance the wars. The players put in spectator mode in this situation are those with the lowest trophy count in the clan.

Now that the problems are solved, let’s learn more about the Clan Wars mechanics in Clash of Clans!

The Clan War takes place over two days. The first one is dedicated to preparation. During this time, you will create your base for defense (since you won’t use your main village) and fill up your Clan Castle with defensive units. You can see all the bases – participants in the Clan War on the new map. It’s important to know that the towns there are aligned from the most powerful one to the weakest one from the top to bottom.

Here is what Supercell themselves had to say about the new villages/war bases that are used in the game for the purpose of Clan Wars:

“Your war base is very similar to your village, with a few exceptions. Your war base does not generate resources. The clan castle in your war base must be filled separately from the clan castle in your village. War bases never need to have their traps rearmed, defenses reloaded, or heroes healed, as they are always ready for battle. The war base can not be directly upgraded or rearranged, but will instead mimic the arrangement and highest completed upgrade levels of your village during the preparation day. Buildings and traps will never be “under construction” in your war base.”

During the preparation day it’s extremely important to build and donate defensive troops to all your clan mates. In order to do so, you will have to tap individual bases on the map and donate troops directly. You can’t request troops for your war base – you need an active team in order to succeed!

Second Clan War day: Battle Day

After the Preparation Day is over, the actual battle can begin. Each player can attack twice during this time, but you cannot attack the same target twice. It’s best to target the player which will give you the most stars and which you can beat, of course.

Pro tip: Try to watch replays, if available, if attacks have been made by your clan mates on the same target. This way you can see which attack strategy works, where are traps placed and gain other valuable information on how to approach the target.

Pro tip 2: Only the best attack (the one that got the most stars) will count per each opponent. So a good idea is to talk with your clan mates and try to spread out attacks to destroy all your enemies and get more stars. In the end, if all of you attack just two players, you will get less stars than if you would’ve attacked 10 players and got just 1 stars on 8 of them.

The clan that wins the Clan War automatically gets a lot of bonus loot. Also, the losing clan gets some loot. A new war can be started as soon as the previous one is over.

The War Base

The most important element in a Clash of Clans clan war is clearly the War Base. This is basically your village copied into the War Base. There is one huge change to consider: you don’t have to defend your resource silos, but the Town Hall as you want the enemy attackers to get the least stars possible with their attacks. So you definitely want to rebuild your base for war and improve your defenses.

Also, the Clan Castle is extremely important during the war as it gives you additional protection, based on its level (10 spaces for level one and 5 additional spaces for every new level). For starters, I say that good combos for the Clan Castle are Wizards/Archers.

Also, you don’t have to complete the upgrade of your buildings to have them operational during the war. For example, if you have a level 5 tower and have it upgrading to level 6 when the war starts, your War Base will have a working level 5 tower for the duration of the war.

I hope that this Clash of Clans Clan War guide answers all your questions. If you have other strategy tips to share with other players or any other questions about this amazing new feature, don’t hesitate to ask!


    • Once troops are donated to your clan castle, you cannot change them. Remember, the clan castle in your war map is different than your normal clan castle. So troops donated to you by way of the war map will be there for all your battles and never go away or die, getting reset each time you attack or defend. Troops in your regular clan castle will not go to war with you, and get used up in each of your regular, day-to-day attacks. So if you want to change them, just have a battle and use them up and request new ones from your clan. But those are not part of battle preparations, just regular game play.

      • If my clan is full and someone who is not in war requests to join.

        If i approve them by kicking some inactives out..can the new member participate in war…currently at Preparation day.


        • if your in a war and use your two attacks and get out of the clan, would you still get the loot if the clan wins the war? Or you have to be in the clan to get the loot in your castle?

        • If you already started the war before the “new” member joined then NO he wont be part of the current war. The guy you kicked although he’s no longer in the clan will still be part of the war..but of course he can no longer attack. would be best to kick players when not in war.

          • How much time does it take to reload clan castle troops after a war base has been attacked. I noticed that after my base was attacked, my clan castle has a reload time, but I’m not sure. It just seem like this would he a good attacking window for another member.

        • Hi Areas. No. It cannot participate. Low trophies sometimes are eliminated even thou they are already on the clan before the start of preparation day, and even the new members who did not join the previous war. that is called a cooldown . Once Preparation Day starts only those who are selected for war are part of it. Even thou the player left the clan there base is still active for the war.

    • On Preparation Day you can change the troops on your war cc just click the (-) sign on the upper right portion of the troops displayed once you click your war base. On Battle Day it is locked. you cannot change it. And just like your base CC only your clan mates can donate troops. The capacity is the same as the capacity on your Farm Base CC

        • What will happen guys if you started to attack a certain enemy during war and cancelled it immediately without deploying any troops,is the attact counted already as used or not?

          • What will happen guys if you started to attack a certain enemy during war and cancelled it immediately without deploying any troops,is the attact counted already as used or not?

          • What happens if a clanmate donates troops to my war clan castle then after war leaves the clan? Because this just happened and i didnt have access to his troops when i attacked during our next war. However when i click my clan castle in the war map it still says its full with my ex clan mates donated troops. Im waiting to see if they get deployed when someone attacks my war base. hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks

    • Your troops made in your barracks are always used up, so you can make new/different troops for your second attack. However, the troops donated to your clan castle on the war map will be available for all of your attacks and all of your defenses. They reset automatically for the next attack, and don’t get used up, even if they die in a particular attack.

  1. If a fellow clansmen attacks someone and gets 1 star, and then you attack the same person but get 3 stars do you get 2 or 3 stars to go towards the War Hero achievement?

    • 3 stars will overwrite the previous attack, so your clan gets full credit for the best attack… 3 stars! So only attack for a second time if you feel confident you can improve on a previous attack on that town.

    • You only get 2 stars, which is the extra 2 you have earnt. Your clan can only win 3 stars from each war base. In your example, your clan mate won the first star and you won the next two

    • Wrong. The best attack is scored. So if your clansman gets 1 star, and you attack and get 3, then your whole clan gets credited with 3 stars for that particular enemy and it goes into your team total. I believe everyone shares the war loot bonus in the end, so everyone would get that bonus loot thanks to you getting 3 stars in that attack. However, if you don’t win the war, your loot bonus is lower, but in the end, everyone wins some extra loot bonus in a war, whether or not you win the war.

      • Wrong on multiple accounts Kendonicus. You only receive the difference, so Ivan is right. IF a base has been one starred you have already received it. By three starring the same base you will only gain two additional stars. Also loot is individual, it has nothing to do with how the clan does (aside from winning the war), only how you do.

        • You are both right. Doesn’t matter how you count it. 0+3 = 3 or 1+2 = 3. In the end, the total is 3 stars for that attack on that particular clan.

          • No No No, 1 star = 1 star and if we both get 1 star it is still only 1 star. Only the best attack is counted star-wise however lesser attacks still get the bonus goods.

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  3. A tiny but important information:

    Newly place buildings (defensive weapons) are finished immediately on clan war map!

    Interesting while going from TH8 to TH9: placing both xbows and the tesla – and voila, they appear to be “finished” on war map.

    Upgrades will not be shown! Tiny but important difference.

    Clash on Guys!

    • Black shield means they are tied in to another war (have left while war is still in progress) if you go to their profile you can see how much longer they are tied in for.

  4. Here you can find everything you want to know about the slash of clans clan war, strategy, guide, tips, etc..
    There are very good things that you can use in battle, because a lot of players does not know much about it.

    • The match making is random to a degree and matches are made based on mathematical calculations, just as in the case of finding single players to fight againstin multiplayer.

  5. so i am the leader of my clan and i have had my third clan war the first one i was learning but the second and third we got 3 stars away from maximum in the war. my question is, is there a reward for getting 100% destruction in a clan war? i know that we can get 100% destruction but i am wondering if its worth it or if just winning is good enough.

  6. My clan 3 starred everyone in the opposing clan. Perfect score. And I still have an attack left. Can I still win loot from an already destroyed base or not. Wondering if it’s worth spending troops on.

      • Yes and no Eric. If tim’s clan has 3 starred all of their opponents war bases there are no war stars left to be won, however if he attacks and wins he will still get the loot bonus for the victory – just no stars

  7. I hope someone can help answer my question: what if you are not ready for a clan war, is there a possibility my clan to be matched up without declaring? For example, My group members agreeing to declare war tomorrow. Is there a possibility to be chosen today?

      • Ummm…NO The only way you get pulled into a war is if someone in your clan pushes the button. Don’t want to war until tomorrow? Fine. Don’t push the button until tomorrow. You will not be forced into a war without having already pushed the “Start War” button.

  8. If my clanmate attacks a base and get 1 star at 20% and also gets a war win loot of x gold and x elixer, then if I attack the same base and get 1 star at 18%. Do I also get war win bonus loot of x gold and x elixer?

  9. At what point does it save the position of your town hall. Once you start the war and go into preparation mode. Or once you go from preparation to battle mode?

  10. I want to know if you can be put into a clan war automatically if another clan is searching for one or does the leader/co-leader have to be searching for one first? It doesn’t give us enough time to get the things done we are wanting to do and no one is owning up to if they are the ones doing it if they are.

    • it will be a tie. you will not get the total war bonus bcoz a penalty will be imposed. but you still receive something around 20-25% of total war bonus.

    • We have a “sit out” option in our clan – anyone who does not want to war (or didnt attack in last war) gets kicked before the start war button is pressed – with a msg along the lines of “Sat you out as war was starting, invite will be sent once war has been started” then we click the start war button and invite them back (clicking on them in clan chat where they were kicked ) This is working really well so far – and majority of players come back when they are active again (decent players do anyway)

  11. We have a problem with clan wars. We are 10 clan members at the moment. But as soon as we wane start a clan war it keeps on saying ‘ not enough eligible can members’. Why is that? Or what do we need to do?

  12. We have a problem with clan wars. We are 10 clan members at the moment. But as soon as we wane start a clan war it keeps on saying ‘ not enough eligible can members’. Why is that? Or what do we need to do?

    • You need at least 10 eligible members. If one of your members recently joined and was in a clan that was at war when they left, they aren’t eligible for awhile. You need to see a colored shield with swords on it next to each member”s name when you click on your clan castle. If their shield is dark or missing, they aren’t eligible yet. Those with a black shield will have a red bar underneath the shield indicating how much time until eligible. If you click on that player’s profile, it will tell you exactly how much longer until they are eligible.

  13. Hi, I would like to know about how the war enemy decided to us. Is it based on cumulative town hall level or based on the clan trophy? hopefully you could send me an email to answer my question. Thanks.

  14. what if the clanwar isn’t finished yet and i used all of my attacks then i leave the clan?do i still have war win bonus if we win the match?

    • Yes, if something happens, and you decide to leave after you have used your attacks, and assuming you have starred them both, you will receive the loot win or lose, no matter what clan you are in.

  15. This is my second war and im still not getting any loot for war bonus. Why am i not getting any ? and we did win the war twice but when i check my CC , i didnt see any war bonus/loot.

  16. if i have put my barracks on upgrade, and say its going to finish upgradinh half way through the war day, can i use the new upgraded barrack, or does it just stick to the previous?

  17. Hello guys, i just finished upgrading my clan castle and it is during the preparation day. Somehow the amount of my clan castle’s space stays the same in the war map (25/25). But when i scout my base, it shows (25/30). Can somebody tell me what is happening here? Does Anybody face the same prob too?

  18. Help! Im currently in prep day finished upgrading my clan castle to lvl 3. My war base has not updated to allow me to receive the new 20 unit update. Despite my attempts to empty both main and war base castles. My war base says 0/20 but when I go to request it still says 0/15 despite multiple attempts to fix it. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE AWESOME!

  19. Had our first clan war 3 days ago. I had CC troops donated to me, checked before hand by clicking on castle and showed number of troops. When I went to attack the Clan troops did not show up on the list of available resources at the bottom. Was I supposed to do something else, accept them or something? This happened on both attacks.

    Thank you

    • You have a war base CC to which your clan mates will donate their best defensive troops, but to attack you must request from your village in the normal way.

  20. If someone else has already achieved 3 stars on that particular enemy, if i attack it again and get one star, will I get the bonus loot? I am low level and am not able to attack the more powerful enemies.

  21. I just joined a clan that was in prep. Day mode. I can’t fight. Right. But can give troops? Also can I be attacked by anyone .. Opposing clan or even another person?

  22. So there is a rumor going around my clan right now that donated troops whether in your regular base or your war base , count against the number of troops you have available to use during your attacks.. Is this true? Now players aren’t donating bec they think it will deplete the number of troops they can use if their clan castle is full of donated troops..

  23. My Recommended target is still not destroyed. There was 2 other players that scored 3 stars each.
    Now should I still attack my recomended one? Will I score any more stars or not?

  24. Hi everyone, just fought in the clan wars and another player attacked the same opponent and got 38% and no stars. Then I just fought the same opponent and got 2 stars with an 80%, showed won loot and stars won, but there is no record of me playing once I got back to the war map!!?? What Gives?!?

  25. I have a doubt, If my clan castle is full of loot and then I go to a war and win it, what happens to that new loot, is added to my actual storages or is it lost in the eter space?


  26. @ Ken I believe it’s based on strength of base. They must use a formula with all your defensive buildings factored in. Trophies do not matter, town hall lvl does not matter.

  27. You can’t win Clan Wars without good communication. Since the chatting tab in the game is too limited, my clan uses Clan Wars Assist to arrange tactics and discuss war matters. It serves us well. But generally speaking, the introduction of clan wars makes me more addict to this game.

  28. Hi guys. I keep on donating the best of my troops and end up receiving troops only from a few members in my clan. I was wondering if there’s a troop donations log or some way to find out who’s donating?. Thanks.

    • I always check on the donation level before I donate. Unless you are new you need to have donated close to the level you have received before you get more from me. This is often a clan rule and ought to be strongly enforced.

  29. I just spent 45 min reading this entire page and this question has not been asked yet:

    Im in battle day right now. Everyone except the leader in the opposing clan has left the opposing clan. My concern is that they all did this to trick us and they will all join back again in the final hours & attack us. One of the top opponent bases has its TH exposed and we want to let everyone snipe it but only if we’re sure that these guys cant attack if they come back.

    I’ve seen a lot of ignorant answers in the posts above. So please only give an answer if you actually know the answer. Thanks.

  30. Dear Jp.Rocks.
    I am a members of a clan. When a clan war is declared on those player who were available before can join and not new comers. Those wait until the next fight is announced. So those who left, when they join again should not be able to fight. Please let me know the outcome. Good luck.

  31. I JUST RECEIVE my loot bonus from the cc and its was 590,000 gold and elxir and i left and i was attack i watch the replay they wont near my cc then i got the bonus loot that i earn and i only got half whats wrong with it is there a bug or glitch help me

  32. Why is my clan castle unavailable sometimes during the clan war attacks. Other members have donated the troops on preparation day…but then when I attack…my clan castle is unavailable

    • @ April moss clan castle troops for attack and war defense are not the same. Defense troops are donated on prep day and stay in the cc until the end of war defending against any attacks on your war base.
      Troops used for attack must be given in your regular cc request and are used up when you attack with them. Those troops do not have to be donated on prep day, you can request them any time to use in regular raids or war attacks.

  33. Please help me guys I just started a war in a clan but while searching I leave that clan but after joining other clan I found myself that I am not eligible for other clan war, so if I wanna go back to that clan and I forgot that clan name, how can I go that clan again? Please help me

  34. Just finished a war…i received war gold and elixor. One of my clanmates did not receive any war bonus loot. he attacked twice but did not get even earn one star. why did he not receive any? whats the rules or objective on how to earn your keep to earn a war bonus?

  35. Hi.. i have 2 questions 1. If i am included in the war and did not use my 2 attack and my clan wins the war.can i also have the clan prize??
    2. I use the attack but failed to have star,and my clan wins? Do i have a clan price?.. hope u answer this..

  36. Hello, someone know how can i know how many war of clans have done each clan? it’s some way to know this?
    Thank you, i appreciate

  37. My children play this game and keep getting a message saying “ask a clan leader to start a war”. They’ve built their castle and there is a bunch of clans listed under “my cleans”, beyond that I’m clueless. I’ve read some of these blog posts and I am still confused. How do we “ask a clean leader?”

    • Send them a message go to clan castle click then down Botton clck clan. Another window will open

      Three choices appear

      Request troops
      And you will see inbox also global window to talk and then a window to talk to your clan type in I would like clan war please. There must be ten clan members find a clan with at least ten and u must be in first ten to fight all the best!

  38. in a clan war if a base already has 2 stars from an attack, and if i would go and attack that same base and get no stars will the 2 previously won stars be taken away?

  39. so I was wondering how the clan wars is matched up to an enemy clan? does it go by total clan trophies? or does it go by member experience lvl? please let me know when ever someone has a chance. also my clan “Flying dragons” is looking for new reliable members that are active and want to join won alot of wars. i am the leader of the clan so if u find us please feel free to join. again let me know how the clan wars are matched up with an enemy clan

  40. kelsey the ANSWER to ur question is no the previous 2 stars will still be there. the best attack on a base is the attack that will count for war.

  41. good day.

    i’m looking for a clan to war.

    but accidentally i leave the clan that i’m already participated in a war

    can i locate which clan i belong to?


  42. Question….. If u haven’t collected ur war loot bonus and u don’t have a shield and are attacked in a regular rade do u loose a percentage of ur clan castle loot


  44. The gem box comes each week n we get 25 gems from gems box but when we dont play coc for months n years then why there is still 1 gem box…..?????…..


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