From the dawn of man, evolution has guided all living beings towards better forms. Your civilization starts today, and you are in control of their destiny in Cosmos Quest, a unique mash up of city building simulators and idle games.

Developed by famed studio Kongregate, Cosmos Quest starts off players with a pack of primordial cavemen. Help them discover the power of fire, and watch as they learn to hunt using their own crafted tools.

Eventually, you will work your way up through civilization. Due to a space-time continuum anomaly, you may have to defend yourself against foes from a different era. Have no fear, as you will reach that kind of technology eventually.

As your people evolve, so does their technology. Research new abilities and techs to unlock more powers, buildings, and weapons. Go from a primitive spear to the all-consuming Black Hole Cannon.

Cosmos Quest features beautiful animated pixel art and a soothing soundtrack, perfect compliments to your journey through time. Will you raise the ultimate civilization?

Only time will tell in Cosmos Quest, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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