Chrono Tales is an all-new anime styled MMORPG! Choose from a variety of heroes each with their own abilities and skills. Power up and fight through hordes of monsters using classic turn-based combat. You’ll even be able to recruit mercenaries and hatch friendly monsters from eggs! Join a guild and take on the dungeons with friends or strangers from all over the world.

No matter what path you choose, we’re here to help with our Chrono Tales cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide! 


1. Keep completing the quests!

Chrono Tales has a nifty auto-complete feature when it comes to dealing with quests. If you tap on the quest in your log at the top right corner of the screen, your character will auto-route to wherever you need to go. The game practically plays itself for you if you do this! It’s really nifty because you can just keep tapping on the quests, wait for your character to get to the destination, advance through the text, and boom – you’re done. Getting through quests is really easy in this game and you’ll need to do as many as you can to get a lot of experience and money.

2. Keep upgrading your skills!

For maximum damage in battle, you’ll need to keep your skills upgraded. The only thing you need to upgrade your skills is money, which you should have no problem getting since there’s a ton of freebies for you to collect as a new player. Upgrading skills not only increases their damage or efficiency, but your hero also gains passive stat boosts from them. Keep upgrading, and use the Quick Upgrade button!

3. Level your pets too!

Your pets function just like Mercenaries, but you have a little more control over their growth. Tapping on your pet’s portrait lets you see their stats. They gain stat points as they level up which you can then apply to improve their base stats. If you’re not sure what to improve, just use the auto-add button. Once you start getting runes, you can also use them to advance the pet, permanently making them much stronger, granting them a new skill, and changing their appearance!

4. Further advancement!

On top of your stat points and skill upgrades, you also eventually gain access to the “Adventure” tab. We’re not really sure why it’s called that, but this tab in your hero profile lets you “cultivate” specific stats. That is to say, you can enhance certain stats even further. If you’re trying to build your hero a specific way, this is the way to go. Make sure that you play to your hero’s strengths; for example if you’re a cleric you’d probably want to focus on the Magic stats.

5. Social!

Be sure to join a guild if you haven’t already. It’ll be easier to make friends plus you get to benefit from the guild-wide bonuses. Speaking of making friends, the game really wants you to add some friends! The first time you add a friend you’ll 50,000 coins! Indeed, having friends on your friends list will make certain activities a little easier, like bounties. Try to make a lot of friends!

That’s all for Chrono Tales for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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