A mysterious force known only as The Swam has ravaged the world, and you are the only hope! Chrono Strike is a simple but fun beat-em-up designed for a more fluid game play experience. Enemies will approach your character from the left and right sides, and you simply have to tap in their direction to take them out. Sounds easy? The levels get progressively faster and the enemies become more complex, so don’t let your guard down! Let’s get your fighting skills up to snuff with our Chrono Strike cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t rapidly tap!

Chrono Strike is all about control and precision! Tapping with no enemy in range will cause your character to lock up momentarily, rendering them vulnerable to counter attacks. Wait until the attack indicator lights up (the arrows), then tap in the proper direction to launch your attack. Control your taps and don’t rapidly tap! Stay calm and practice perfect precision!

2. Go for long combos!

Successful attacks against enemies will count towards your combo counter. The higher you get your combo counter, the more coins you’ll earn at the end of a level. Missing an attack or taking damage will set your combo counter back to zero, so make sure you’re on your toes at all times! Remember: the key to getting all three stars in a level is getting a high combo and not taking any damage!

3. Watch the indicators!

As the game introduces tougher enemies, you really need to pay attention to the indicators below them. Some enemies will require multiple attacks to take down, so you’ll need to attack accordingly. Some will even switch sides upon taking damage, so be prepared for that as well! You can tell if they’re going to do this by looking at the indicators below them. Blue arrows and right, and yellow arrows are left.

4. Complete quests!

To upgrade your characters, you can build new talents and suits for them. But in order to do that, first you’ll need to acquire the appropriate suit fragments and talent cores. The best way to get these is to complete your quests. You can see what they are by checking them on the main menu.

5. Upgrade your hero!

Your starting character, Tempest, gains a new suit upon completing the first quest. This new suit functions like her starting suit, but it has better stats and more room for growth. You can spend additional fragments upgrading the Nova suit, and we recommend doing so for maximum performance! You can increase your attack power, your speed, and even a chance to dodge enemy attacks. Talent cores will additionally augment your suit with increased stats, so don’t forget about those either.

6. Get the coins!

Coins are the main currency in the game. To get them, you must perform well during a level. At the end of a level, your gained coins are totaled on different factors.

  • The first is how many coins you found from enemy drops during the level. Destroy as many enemies as you can to get more coins!
  • The second counts your highest combo. The higher your combo was, the more bonus coins you’ll get from this.
  • The last counts how much remaining health you have. More health means more coins. If you go through the entire level completely unscathed, you’ll get a nice bonus!

The game will total all three categories, then multiply it by your current speed multiplier. The faster a level is, the more coins you’ll get from this.

That’s all for Chrono Strike. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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