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Chrome Valley Customs Guide: Tips & Tricks

Chrome Valley Customs Guide: Tips & Tricks
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Chrome Valley Customs is the number one car repair shop in the world, but Uncle Hank, the owner, is getting ready to retire. That’s where you come in! As the new and upcoming manager of Chrome Valley Customs, you must ensure that each car coming in goes out looking a million times better. If you’re looking for a casual match-3 puzzle experience with some vehicular flair, Chrome Valley Customs is right up your alley.

Chrome Valley Customs may be your typical match-3 puzzle game, but there are still some nuances about it that should you know. So, ready to fix up some beat-up cars? Let’s get started with our Chrome Valley Customs tips and tricks guide.

How to play Chrome Valley Customs

As the new manager of Chrome Valley Customs, you’ll be overseeing the restoration of broken down cars. Each episode contains a specific car that you have to fix up. Don’t worry, as the rest of the Chrome Valley Customs team will help you out along the way.

To get started, tap on the clipboard button to see your current tasks. Each task costs coins, and completing a task restores one part of the car. When restoring a part, you get to choose the kind of style and color. Pick whatever you like—there are no wrong choices, and you can always alter them if you change your mind.

Image via Space Ape

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As you complete tasks, the yellow progress bar fills up. When it fills up all the way, the car is completed and fully functional, which finishes the episode. You can return to previously completed episodes at any time to change the car’s parts, if you wish.

Eventually, you will run out of coins to pay for the part restorations, which leads us to the core game mode of Chrome Valley Customs, the match-3 puzzles. If you’ve played games like Candy Crush Saga, Gardenscapes, or Royal Match, it’s pretty much the same deal here.

Tips on how to complete levels in Chrome Valley Customs

Chrome Valley Customs has over hundreds of puzzle levels for you to play and complete. Every time you complete a level, you earn coins and gems. You play each level in a chronological order starting at level 1, and you can play them at any time by tapping the yellow play button in the garage.

If you’ve never played a match-3 puzzle game before, it’s simple! All you have to do is look for at least three matching tokens of the same color, then move them to be adjacent to each other. You can move tokens up or down one space.

Every level has a specific objective that you must complete to beat the level. Starting out, the only objective you have is to destroy a certain amount of a specific color token. You have a limited amount of moves per level, so it’s important to go after the objective-related tokens first. Don’t just make random matches you see—check if they’re a part of the level objective first.

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Matching more than three tokens at once results in power ups, which can do amazing things on their own, and they’re crucial for finishing the level’s objective in a timely manner. Here’s a complete list of power ups you can make:

  • Rocket: Match 4 tokens. Blasts entire rows or columns, depending on the direction it’s facing.
  • Bomb: Match 5 tokens in an L or T shape. Blasts surrounding tokens in a large area.
  • Engine Fan: Match 4 tokens in a square shape. Blasts adjacent tokens in a plus (+) formation, then jumps to an objective token and blasts it, no matter where it is on the board.
  • Turbo: Match 5 tokens in a row or column. Swap it with any other token, at which point it’ll destroy all tokens of that color across the entire board.

You know what’s even better? A bomb attached to a rocket! You can combine any of the power ups with each other by moving them into one another, which results in lots of blasted tokens. Combined power ups are very powerful, so try to make as many of them as you can.

Once you get past level 8, you unlock the ability to use boosters. Boosters come in two types: ones that you activate before the level starts, and ones that activate during levels. Be sure to save these for particularly hard levels, as they can make all the difference.

Closing tips and tricks for Chrome Valley Customs

  • Whenever you finish an episode, you are given infinite lives for the next 30 minutes. Try to play as much as you can in that time, as you can retry levels over and over again until your time is up. If you don’t have a lot of time to play, hold off on completing an episode until you have some time.
  • Be careful with your gems. On average, you only earn around 50 gems every time you complete a level. If you’re constantly spending gems to buy additional moves, you will run out very quickly.
  • Take your time! There is no time limit on the levels, and wasting moves is a big no-no, especially on the later levels where you start with so few. Study the board and make each move count.

That would be all the Chrome Valley Customs tips we have for you right now! If you know something else that you consider useful, make sure to share it with us and the rest of the players down in the comments section below!

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Chrome Valley Customs Guide: Tips & Tricks