Choppa is a really fun game that has just been launched on the App Store, one that challenges you with a simple mission: save as many people as you can before your rescue helicopter turns into the remains of an explosion. It seems easy, but as soon as you start playing the game you’ll know that it’s not really the case. However, I am here to help you with some Choppa cheats, tips and tricks that will hopefully keep you alive for longer and help you get the most out of the game.

It won’t be easy and your success is mostly based on your own skill at maneuvring the helicopter, but hopefully every little bit helps, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Choppa tips and tricks!

1. Get the coin doubler
Before starting a game, you can watch a video that will double all the coins you get for the next 10 minutes. The button is hidden there near the green start button and you should use it as often as possible because you will need a ton of coins to get better!

2. Save money for the Rescue choppa
300 coins, the amount required to unlock the second chopper, might seem like a ton of money, but I suggest to keep getting the coins required and get that chopper because it’s a huge improvement over the starting one. Watch ads to get extra coins, get the coin doubler and do as well as you can in the missions and later rather than sooner, you will get it – and once you do, you’ll be ready for some real business.

To make things slightly easier, you can invest once in each of the upgrades available for the Starter helicopter – this will allow you to regularly get to stage 3 or even 4, which means more money for you.

3. Focus on making money
It’s all about the money (sorry, survivors!) in Choppa, so you should focus on getting all the coins that you can in each stage. There is no time limit for you to save the poor people waiting to be rescued, so take your time, slowly maneuver the helicopter, get the money first and the survivors last. Remember, though, that the number of stage you’re at indicates the amount of coins you will get if you successfully complete it, so it you’re at stage 5 and it seems easier to just rescue the survivor and ignore the extra coin, go for it. Always go for the easy, guaranteed profits!

4. Know your obstacles and enemies
Each level will have different obstacles and enemies that will make your life more or less miserable. The windmill, for example, is horrible because you have no other option than to hit it in order to get past it (and it basically means game over soon if you have the Starter helicopter). The birds are pretty random and crazy and dangerous, so always keep an eye on them and try to stay away from them. Keep an eye out for hidden obstacles and take your time. As I said before, there is no timer limit here, so be patient and do everything at the right time!

Here’s me getting the hangs of this great game in a short video below:

If you have some other tips and tricks that fellow players might find useful, let us know be leaving a comment below!


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