Welcome to the fun and simple world of Nom Plant, a new game from Lucky Kat Studios, the same talent folks that brought us Cure Hunters and Beat Street. They are keeping up with their own personal cute theme with this new game, so if you are a fan of their previous works do not miss out on Nom Plant!

In Nom Plant, players will take control of a hungry plant that can grow its own stem as long as it wants. It seems like Lucky Kat Studios took the iconic Piranha Plant straight out Super Mario Bros. and gave it its own game, and we are not complaining about that!

Using simple drag controls, your finger will guide the direction the Nom Plant grows in. You can lead to collect coins, fruits, hearts, and other shiny goodies. Letting go of the screen will make the Nom Plant retract its pot back all the way to itself, and it will drop down.

Eat as much as possible, grow through many worlds, and at the end of the day you will have a bunch of cool pots to show for it! Players can unlock new skins for their Nom Plant, and they can even get new styles for their pot too! Mix and match your favorites and create a whole new unique look for your plant!

Nom Plant chomps its way onto the App Store and Google Play Store as a free download.


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