Two unlikely heroes come together to delve into the ancient history of China in Ink, Mountains, and Mystery, a mesmerizing point and click adventure game where you explore and solve puzzles in landscapes based on classics tales from Chinese masterworks.

Every now and then we will see a release of a really special adventure game with extremely memorable style and art – Ink, Mountains, and Mystery is the first game of 2019 to bring that feeling. Prepare yourself for a beautiful journey into the world of Chinese artistic conceptions and landscape paintings!

Using a layered painting art style effect, Ink, Mountains, and Mystery is easily one of the most beautiful games to have ever graced the App Store. Experience classic Chinese folklore stories like Flowers in the Mirror, A Thousand Li of Rivers, and more as you delve into the paintings themselves.

As you literally jump into the classic works, you will come across various stories and Heavenly Creations. You will need to utilize these items to reveal the mysteries of the paintings, and also solve the Ink Enigmas, the puzzles that are preventing the true colors of the paintings to flourish.

Ink, Mountains, and Mystery is available now for free on the App Store. Prepare yourself for an immersive journey into Chinese art history!


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