Action RPGs still haven’t managed to make a solid transition to the mobile world “thanks” to the virtual joysticks, but developers keep trying and I am sure eventually they’ll manage to do it just right. Chillingo’s upcoming title Gloomy Hollow might just be the game action-RPG fans were expecting!

Set in a haunted town where the ugliest and most dangerous beasts of the Underworld have decided to set foot, Gloomy Hollow puts you in charge of a team of three heroes whose sole purpose in the world, or at least in the game, is to save the city. A noble purpose, I might add!

Regarding the virtual joystick problem that I was talking about, Chillingo’s got us covered: they also have implemented the tap gameplay which works, at least in my case, a lot better and feels a lot more like playing real RPGs like Diablo back on my computer.

Gloomy Hollow also promises hours of gameplay with tons of quests waiting to be completed, a massive world for you to explore and, by the looks of the gameplay trailer below, some solid visuals and gameplay:

Chillingo didn’t have a release date to share, but we’ll sure keep an eye on the Gloomy Hollow and let you know as soon as we find something!