Chicken Scramble Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for Three Star Levels


Chicken Scramble is a brand new match three game for the iOS platform, a game with a twist and a great challenge, taking away from the regular gameplay mechanics and adding some great new features and mechanics. But if you are here, you certainly know already how to play the game and you’re looking for some Chicken Scramble cheats and tips, which is exactly what we have for you here in order to help you get three star ratings on all levels – or at least just manage to get past the really difficult ones!

So if you’re looking for a strategy guide and some help, you’re at the right place! Now let’s stop talking, and let’s start checking out some really useful Chicken Scramble tips and cheats below!

1. Connect to Facebook
It’s extremely important to connect your game with your Facebook account to get access to all the goodies and especially in order to get the 35 coins that you receive for connecting. You can use those on power-ups, and they will come extremely handy!

2. The time lapse cheat
We didn’t get to test this out, but some of our readers reported that the time lapse cheat is working in Chicken Scramble, so you can check out out as well. Basically, it means that when you run out of lives, you quit the game and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward by 60 minutes. Return to the game and you should have a new set of extra lives waiting for you!

3. Remove the hay first
You need to create a bunch of matches near the hay in order to remove it, so focus on doing that as soon as possible: it just stands there in the way and blocks your way, making it more difficult to get the matches that you want.

4. Risk it
Getting the board filled with eggs that you can’t match is not something that you want to do, but sometimes you’ve got to take the risk. Especially since you can only get one of two egg types: perform a few of these moves, then go on a matching spree to increase your score but especially the chances of beating the level.

5. Strategize
It’s extrermely important where you swipe, because that decides the direction of the tiles on the board. Make sure that you always choose the best move: take your time and think it over, then act. Sometimes it’s better not to create a match, but first move the board a little bit, while on other occasions it’s better to create the match in a particular direction. Simply swiping around on the display won’t take you far!

6. Take advantage of the special areas
The flower areas double the amount of chicken that you get if you crate a match on them, so it’s best to use that to your own advantage and play in such a way that you will only create matches on flower areas.

7. Use the power-ups wisely
The power-ups are expensive in the game and since we get a bunch of them for free early on, we might be tempted to use them ASAP. I would recommend to take your time and keep them for when things really get complicated (the later stages) and only use them if you are 100% sure that they turn an apparently impossible level into one that you can beat.

These would be our Chicken Scramble tips and tricks to help you keep going. If you have other suggestions, let us know by commenting below!

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Chicken Scramble Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for Three Star Levels


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