From the creators of Dots and Two Dots comes an all-new entry into the series for iOS and Android, Dots & Co! Go on dot-filled adventure with magical companions in this twist on the classic “connect the dots” game! New companions means new powers, and there are also some new dot mechanics for you to work with! It is an all new adventure so let’s get started with our Dots & Co cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting all three stars!

1. Take your time!

While Dots & Co is not your traditional “match-3” puzzler, many of its rules are structured like one! First and foremost, do not feel rushed. There is no time limit in this game, only a move limit like usual. Also, just like the other match-3 games, the more moves you have left over, the more bonus points you will score. So, take your time and plan out your moves. Try to connect the dots as efficiently as possible!

2. Always go for the square!

Connecting dots of the same color in a square will instantly match all dots of that same color on the board. This is a crucial mechanic to master as you will need to do this often as soon as level 5. Trying to connect the dots normally will not cut it anymore as you will have limited moves and tricky spaces to connect in. The only time you should not go for a square is when the layout of the board is too awkward to fit a square. Otherwise, it is the best way to connect the dots while conserving your moves! It is important to note that squares can be of any size – that means that they do not need to be strictly made of four dots!

3. Utilize your companion!

On level 7 you will unlock your first companion, Anita the Penguin! From that level on, you will notice certain dots will be shaped like triangles. You match them as normal, but they will fill up the companion meter. Once the meter is full, the companion will unleash their secret technique. In Anita’s case, she will match all dots of one color on the board. If you are having trouble getting through a level, try filling up the companion meter fast to get an upper hand!

4. Boost your companion when you are troubled!

After a couple levels you will be able to boost your companion at the cost of tokens, the premium currency of the game. Boosting lasts for a level and costs three tokens every time you want to do it. When a companion is boosted, their companion meter fills up at a much faster rate, and their ability is strengthened. If you are having trouble on a particular level, try boosting your companion.

5. Use the colorless dots!

The blank, empty dots are colorless dots. These dots can match with any other color, but only the first color in the start of the chain. This means you cannot mix and match mid chain. Regardless, you can get pretty clever with colorless dots. Make sure they fall into the right places and you will be able to set up squares that you would not normally be able to.

6. Watch the dots and plan ahead!

If you are attempting to make a square but you have colors all over the place, it is very important that you watch the dots. Before you commit to a move, look to see where the dots not involved in a chain will end up. Will they fall into place for a natural square to form? Or will they only make things worse? Keep an eye on the dots and make sure you plan ahead!

7. Score high!

If you follow our tips above, you should be able to score high enough to get all three stars on the levels. And that is a very good thing in this game! See, in Dots & Co, getting all three stars on a level is not just a bragging rights reward – the game actually refunds the energy you spent on the level. So, if you play consistently well, you can get through a lot of levels without having to stop and wait for energy recovery!

That’s all for Dots & Co. If you have any other dot connecting tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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