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Charrua Soccer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning Lots of Matches

Charrua Soccer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning Lots of Matches

Welcome to Charrua Soccer, a new arcade soccer experience from Batovi Games, the same minds who brought us the arcade soccer game Pixel Cup Soccer. Charrua Soccer is all about fast-paced, easy to pick up soccer matches in the blink of an eye. Anyone can play Charrua Soccer, but it takes some skill to master it, just like any other sports game!

In our Charrua Soccer tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basic flow of every match in Charrua Soccer. We will help you refine your control and get used to shooting mechanics, so let’s get started with our Charrua Soccer cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning lots of matches!

Basic Field Manuevers

Nailing down the controls is the first step to getting better at Charrua Soccer. Remember that your controls will change depending on whether or not you have the ball currently in your possession.

You can move with the left joystick, and your action buttons will change depending on the ball. If you do not have the ball, you can change players or tackle. Changing players will automatically switch your currently controlled character to another one that is closer to the ball. Use this button often to ensure that you are always in the action!

The tackle button will cause your player to do a slide. If you slide into another player, there is a chance you will steal the ball from right under their feet. Use this maneuver when you are going for the aggressive play!

When you have the ball, you can either pass or kick. Passing will pass the ball to the nearest player close to you. Make sure that there are not any opposing players waiting to intercept, or you could be in for a nasty surprise!

The kick button will make your player kick the ball in the direction you are currently holding. Quickly tapping the kick button without holding a direction will make them kick in the direction of the goal. Holding down the kick button will make it charge up power, making the shot go further and faster depending on how long you charged it for.

Teams and Formations

Before you head into the tournaments, why not get some practice in with a friendly match? They are matches against the computer and you can even customize match settings to your liking. It is a great way to get accustomed to the flow of a real match.

When setting up a match, you can choose your team. Teams are split into cup categories, so you have to choose one of those first. Then, you can choose your actual team, and the teams all have different stats.

There are four main stats: attack, midfield, defense, and goalkeeper. Each team will be rated on each stat from 1 to 5 stars. If you do not really care which team you pick, then just pick the team with the highest stars. Higher stats mean faster and more accurate players!

Another team aspect you can customize is formation. If you are a casual player than you do not really need to worry about this, but if you are a big-time soccer fan then you may want to customize this.

In the formation select screen, you can choose from a variety of formations that change up your players’ positions on the field. Some formations are for better offense, while others are better and defending. The game does not really give you too many details, so again this is something you really only have to mess with it if you want complete control over your team.

Advanced Techniques

When you are running with the ball, do not hold it for too long. If you are running the ball for an extended amount of time, a yellow circle will appear underneath your player to show you tha they are getting tired. If you ignore this and continue to hold the ball, they will start to slow down drastically, opening them up to being tackled!

To avoid this, make sure that you are passing the ball often. We are not really sure how to trigger this, but sometimes your player will perform a lob pass if you charge your pass (tap and hold just like a regular shot). The ball will travel upward in an arc, and you will be able to go right over the heads of any players trying to intercept you! This seems to happen more when you charge passes, so try that out.

You can also long pass by charging a pass. If you want to pass the ball to another player that is across the field, this is the way to do. Just be warned that because of the distance, long passes are very easy to intercept.

When it comes to shooting, taking the time to aim your shot and charging its power will result in shots that are harder to block or predict. When you are a charging a shot, the direction you hold the virtual joystick will determine what part of the net you will aim at.

  • No direction: a grounded shot towards the center of the goal.
  • Up: a grounded shot towards the northern side of the goal.
  • Down: a grounded shot towards the southern side of the goal.
  • Up + Right: an airborne shot towards the northern side of the goal.
  • Right: an airborne shot towards the center of the goal.
  • Down + Right: an airborne shot towards the southern side of the goal.

As the names imply, grounded shots will stay on the ground while airborne shots lift into the air. If you are getting too close to the goal and you are afraid the goalie is going to block your shot, try an airborne shot as those are much harder to anticipate.

Keep an Eye on the Minimap

As you are running the ball to the opposing team’s goal, you need to juke and dodge all of the players that are trying to intercept you. It may help to glance down at the minimap every now and then to see what is around you and what to expect.

We know that it is rather difficult trying to keep your eyes on both yourself and the minimap at the same time, so only try this if you feel comfortable enough to do so. Once you get the hang of it, you can know exactly where to run because the minimap shows you the locations of all opposing players at all times.

Winning Penalty Matches

Penalty matches are a whole different beast from regular matches. Each team is given five balls, and they will alternate between shooting and defending.

When you are shooting, tap the kick button to start running towards the ball. Wait until you are as close as possible, then tap the kick button again to shoot. If you wait too long to tap the kick button again, you will trip over the ball and you will waste that turn, so be careful!

You can change the direction of your shot by holding the direction on the virtual joystick as you are kicking. You can also charge your shot as usual, but be careful not to overcharge, otherwise you risk hitting the rim or overshooting the goal. A charged shot plus a different direction is a good way to score a point.

When it comes to defending, you have to be very fast to react in time. You can try to guess what direction your opponent is going to kick in, but there really is no way to figure it out. Instead, wait until your opponent kicks, then try to react as fast as you can. You can swipe in the direction of the shot to leap in that direction and hopefully block the ball.

And that concludes our guide on Charrua Soccer! Play smart, play efficiently, use all of your techniques, and you should be winning matches like nothing! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Charrua Soccer Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning Lots of Matches


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