Charming Keep is brand new idle clicker game that we’ve been playing over the weekend. There’s something about saving Princes and making money in the charming world created by Charming Keep, so we couldn’t put the game down. And we’re here to share our wisdom with you when it comes to progressing through the game by sharing some Charming Keep cheats and tips that will help you get the most out of the game and do it faster than the rest.

So if you want to save more princes, make a fortune and have more fun in the game, read on for our Charming Keep tips and cheats!

1. Focus on getting the helpers ASAP
The helpers are the most important thing in the game and you should try to get them before anything else. They automate the process of collecting income from each shop and that’s exactly what you need. So get those guys first – they’re the good guys!

2. Shop rarity & matching helpers
Whenever you unlock a new level of your keep, you can choose one of three shops – make sure you browse through them and always choose the rarest one. You can identify them by the color of the shield/icon: wooden are the most common, followed by silver or gold. Also, after choosing the shop type, make sure that you get the helper that offers the biggest bonus by checking the numbers and the smiley face icon near them.

3. Watch ads to double profits
In the game, you have the option to watch an ad and double your profits for 4 hours. Make sure you do so constantly in order to progress faster through the game. The option is available by tapping the x2 icon in the upper side of the screen.

4. Tap critters
At the bottom of the screen, you can see every now and then some critters jumping around. Tap them and you will collect some nice chunks of money: the higher the levels of the shop in the keep, the more money they will give you: and they’re pretty rewarding so make sure you keep an eye on the bottom of the screen and keep tapping them for some quick profits!

5. Cast spells
Spells are extremely important for making a quick profit and you can cast your Keeper’s spells every now and then for making some nice money. Make sure you do so – and when you do, make sure that you pick the store that will actually benefit the most from it. For example, if you have the 30 second profit boost spell, don’t cast it on a store that will take more than 30 seconds to generate profit as it will be a waste!

6. Upgrade your Shops for the bonuses
It goes without saying that upgraded shops make more money for you and you should focus on upgrading them constantly. But when you reach certain milestones with all your stores, things get even better as you get another production speed boost. So keep upgrading all of your shops to these milestones (25, 50, 100, 150 and so on).

7. Collect more Princes before switching to a new Keep
The question “when to switch to a new keep” is very difficult to answer. You want to do it as soon as possible in order to open up a new keep, but also when the bonuses from the prices you have saved are consistent. So my advice would be to switch to a new one when the cost for rescuing an extra price is too high for your current production. If waiting to make all that money is taking too long, it is time to switch to a new Keep!

You will still be able to switch to producing more and increase bonuses afterwards, so it’s not a huge problem if you switch too soon. Simply get back to an older keep, tap the shield with the Prince on the last level and switch the bar from Bonus to Earn. This will make all your structures produce money again and you will lose any bonus that Keep is giving to your profits. But this is worth doing every now and then for a reason we’ll talk about below and for those moments when you rushed and switched Keeps too soon.

8. Use Previous Keeps for completing missions
Missions reward you with great spells and other cool goodies. A good way to complete them quickly is to use previously completed keeps: switch back to earning mode and have them produce the required items for completing the quests instead of the money. This way, your main Keep will still produce coins and you’ll be able to upgrade and progress, but you’ll still work on completing the missions and getting those great rewards!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Charming Keep. If you have other strategies or pieces or advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by posting a comment below.


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