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Characters Ranked In Knightcore Kingdom – Tier List

Characters Ranked In Knightcore Kingdom – Tier List

Knightcore Kingdom is an incredibly exciting mobile game combining strategy and RPG genres. In the game, you have to create a powerful legion and conquer the lands of Camelot. On your way, you will face various opponents. And to defeat them, you must use the most powerful characters. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you about the characters ranking in the Knightcore Kingdom.

Characters Ranked In Knightcore Kingdom

Knightcore Kingdom is a very beautiful and addictive strategy game. You have to manage your lands and extract useful resources. However, this is not even half of the entire gameplay available to you.

In Knightcore Kingdom you can also participate in exciting battles for new territories. Players will have to visit different locations, with unique designs and enemies. And each battle takes place in the format of 99 seconds. Which means you only have 1.5 minutes to win.

And for this, you must gather the strongest legion in Camelot. But it’s not that easy to do, especially for new players, as there are so many different characters in the Knightcore Kingdom. All of them have unique stats and abilities. And to make it easier for you to understand this, we have created a Tier List with the best characters in the game.

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Knightcore Kingdom Characters Tier List

SShark, Marcus, Cartlon, Gawain, Morgause
AGanis, Aoi, Klaire, Raici, Great Elder, Uluru, Parfait
BCharolotte, Lancelot, Kai Berett, Rin, Geraint
CKallian, Van, Kurin, Pearl, Kriel
DBedivere, Shiva, Queen Pella, Avalon, Alys, Mani

As you can see, each Tier has roughly the same number of characters. Perhaps Marscat Games sees the balance this way. However, thanks to this, players can choose from a fairly large variety of characters in both medium and high tiers.

That’s all you need to know about character rankings in the Knightcore Kingdom. Use our Tier List, and you can become the ruler of all the lands of Camelot. And while you are here, take a look at our top 5 Nintendo Switch RPG Games.

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Characters Ranked In Knightcore Kingdom – Tier List


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