Chaos Fighters is a MMORPG featuring a strong gameplay focus on role playing games elements and PvP developed by Coco Entertainment International. The main gameplay experience involves gathering and trading fighters, train them and fight through endless stages while earning new items, equipment pieces and power ups.

Despite looking a bit generic, with an anime style inspired graphical look, the game is an addictive mix of strategy and a bit of luck which is simple to get into and even simpler to get hooked.


With the PvP element being so prominent in the game, you may want to learn everything about the game’s mechanics to succeed. Here are some useful tips that will help in making you the most “Chaotic” fighter of the game.

  • Fast Forwarding Battles

As you might have noticed by playing the game for a few hours, Chaos Fighters is a somewhat grindy game. Luckily the developers have included a few options that will make grinding less tedious. You can speed up the speed of battles by tapping the screen once. You can also skip the entire battle to double tap and even go through multiple battles at once by sweeping the screen. The last feature must only be used when you are absolutely sure you will be victorious.

  • Newbie Packs

Every five levels, you will have the change to earn some nice bonuses through newbie packs. Bonuses are pretty varied, so make sure to put them to good use and don’t leave them in your backpack.

  • Gold And Gems

Gold and gems are one of the most important things to keep track of in the game. Thanks to gold you will be able to purchase items for use and upgrade your equipment. It’s always a good thing to buy gems for weapons and armor slots for stat boosts. There’s a simple way to receive a good boost for weapons even if they don’t have slots. Simply get drill screws with your gems and you will be set.

Earning a good amount of coins in a short amount of time is no easy task in the game, as you will have to adventure quite a lot to get a good amount of coins. To make your coins collecting endeavors less painful, you can set your sweep to sell all the items you find during exploring so that you can make the best profit out of every exploration sequence. If you’re particularly good, or lucky, when finding items, you may want to expand your back by using gems so that you will be able to gather more items per trip and maximize profits. You need a total of 350 gems to fully expand your backpack, though, so you will have to decide between equipment upgrade and backpack expansions early on.




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