Popular free-to-play developer Nexon has released their newest RPG for iOS and Android: Chaos Chronicle! Chaos Chronicle is a team-based action RPG that has you assembling a squad of magical fantasy heroes and creatures to fight through a horde of evil creatures. Like many other hero collecting RPGs, there’s a lot to do here so let’s get to work with our Chaos Chronicle cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Master skill cancelling!


When a monster readies a skill, you’ll see an exclamation mark flash over their head, accompanied by a special sound effect. During this time frame, if one of your heroes uses their skill and damages the monster in question, its skill will be canceled. This technique is crucial for the later boss fights, as allowing them to get their special skills off will almost guarantee one of your heroes dying.

Keep in mind that your skill actually needs to damage the monster in order to interrupt them. It’s best to use skills that come out instantly like a Basic skill rather than a Targeting skill. For the most part, leaving your squad on auto-play will usually do the trick as the AI is pretty good about cancelling skills, but for difficult boss battles you may want to take manual control.

2. Keep upgrading hero stats!

As you learn in the tutorial, you can add onto your heroes’ base stats with bonus stats, at the cost of some gold. You get a lot of gold early on through normal play. By doing just the first chapter and quests, we ended up with over 200k gold afterwards. Considering that it only takes a couple thousand gold to level up most of the starting heroes, you should always be constantly upgrading your heroes’ bonus stats. The only thing that will really start to make a dent in your bank reserves are creating and slotting the Enhancement Crests.

3. Ways to get rubies!

As per the norm, the most important currency of hero collecting games is the premium currency. Rubies allow you to buy contracts, which allow you to recruit new heroes. Here are all of the best ways to earn more rubies without spending real money:

  • For the consecutive login reward bonus, logging in on the second day will net you a whopping 100 rubies. You’ll probably get this naturally, but just make sure to log into the game two days in a row.
  • Fighting through Manatech Tower, Daily Dungeons, and Raids allows you to redeem “Adventure” Quest rewards, which are worth one ruby per quest. You simply need to play through each mode a certain amount of times.
  • Enhancing hero stats and equipment each have their own “Growth” quests worth a ruby as well.
  • Sending Social Points to friends nets you rubies.
  • Winning PvP matches in the arena gets you rubies as well.
  • Some of the achievements in the Missions menu reward you with rubies. They’re long term goals so don’t focus too much on them – you’ll completely naturally as you progress through the game.
  • Earning enough stars in a chapter to open the chapter chest sometimes rewards you with rubies. Check the progress bar at the bottom left of each chapter screen to see how close you are and what the rewards are.

Don’t spend your rubies on stamina (you can use social points instead) or gold. Don’t buy the basic contract as you get one for free every two days. The only thing you should spend your rubies on are the Contract Bundles, which give you ten 3-6 star hero contracts, with at least one 4+ star hero guaranteed.

4. Add a lot of friends!

You can send social points to your friends once every day. You get credit towards achievements when you do, and hopefully that gives your friends incentive to send some back. Social points are a secondary currency that can be spent on basic contracts, stamina recovery, among other helpful things. Opening the friends list will bring up a list of random players you can add, so add away! You can also join a guild, and while it doesn’t have any direct bonuses towards your social points, you can get bonus gold and stamina depending on how many people are active in the guild.

5. Ways to get new heroes!

Besides the obvious contract recruitment, there are also other methods of gaining new heroes.

  • Check-in is the daily log in bonus calendar. Checking in on the 14th day gets you a 4 star contract, and the 28th day nets you a rare 5 star contract. Check in at least once every day to work your ways towards these free contracts.
  • Completing the 7-day consecutive login reward bonus grants you the 5 star card “Ceris”.
  • Completing an entire chapter will always reward you with a 3 star hero contract.
  • Completing the “House Leader Training” quest line nets you a 5 star contract. Make sure to check in manually when you complete each step in the quest line, as you won’t get credit if you haven’t accepted the next part of the training.

6. Have a balanced party!

You can bring up to five heroes on a mission, and conveniently there are only five hero classes in the game: defense, charge, ranged, magic, and supporter. Each class excels at one aspect but is weak in another; for example defense heroes are sturdy front line attackers that are great at soaking up damage for your squishier back line heroes, but they don’t deal that much damage themselves. Having too many of one class can make your party unbalanced, unless that’s what you’re going for. If you’re just trying to make it through the levels, generally a balanced party is better.

That’s all for Chaos Chronicle. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.



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