Change Your Perspective to Solve Puzzles in Takoway, Now Available on Mobile

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Introducing Tako the hexapus on her journey to escape captivity and explore the world. Tako has only known one confined location her entire life, and with her newfound magical abilities, she determined to see the whole world.

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Takoway is a cute and perplexing puzzle adventure game where you lead Tako through multiple locales around the world. Takoway‘s main mechanic is built around perspective. You know those optical illusions that mess with perspective? If you made a game about that, you would end up with Takoway.

Tako has the magical ability to shift through perspective dimensions. What seems like a dead end might just need another perspective, and shifting through them will allow Tako to travel to places otherwise inaccessible.

Along the way, Tako will meet various sea life. They can tell her about their life and home, and they can also assist her in solving the puzzles ahead. Friendship is important on the journey of self-discovery, as they say.

Tako is ready to see the world, but she needs your help! Takoway is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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