The world is a dark and hostile place. Shadows are everywhere, and you do not know who you can trust. But there is one thing one your side: your special ability to weave words into reality. As a living being made out of letters, this may be your key to surviving this bleak world.

Typoman Mobile is a unique puzzle platformer. As Typoman, you wield the ability to alter the world by creating, changing, or destroying words. As you carefully explore through the world, you will come across words floating around the environment.

With some careful placement of letters, you can change words around to open up new paths in the world. In one early example, Typoman comes across an impassable lake with the word “rain” above it. There is one more letter to it that is disconnected, but nudging it activates it and “rain” becomes “drain,” thus draining out the lake.

There are a lot of creative puzzles just like the lake puzzle all over Typoman Mobile. But be careful, as the words can work against you as well. Players will need to avoid brute-forcing words as sometimes they may be detrimental!

With a surreal world and dark atmosphere, Typoman Mobile is a mysterious adventure that should be tried by all puzzle platformer fans. The game is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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