What time is it!? It’s time to grab your champions, we’ve got challenges to face! Champions and Challengers Adventure Time is a real-time RPG that’s based on the hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Prepare yourself for mathematical battles featuring your favorite Adventure Time heroes like Finn and Jake! Our Champions and Challengers Adventure Time cheats and tips will help you build the ultimate team!

Champions and Challengers Adventure Time plays out like a hybrid real-time/turn-based RPG, so there’s lots of strategy involved. Let’s get right to it with our Champions and Challengers Adventure Time cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use your Block technique liberally!

Don’t be afraid to use your Block a lot – you’re going to need it to survive the later challenges! Blocking will make whichever hero is under attack assume a defensive position denoted by a green shield above their head. The hero will take reduced damaged in this state if timed properly. Your heroes only remain in the block stance for about two seconds, so you want to try to time it to the best of your ability. Don’t worry about being too perfect though, because the cooldown on blocking is only a second long, so in some cases you can just spam it with good results. Be sure to watch for the red flash – that signal means that the enemy is about to attack!

Originally we also thought that the better your timing was, the more damage you’d reduce, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. You’ll see a percentage of damage you’ve reduced but it seems to be completely random, so don’t worry about nailing the timing down either.

Focus fire!

Attacking multiple enemies splits your damage depending on how many targets you hit. While this seems like a good idea, in most cases it’s usually better to just focus fire on a single target to bring them down quicker. The most efficient method of bringing down your enemies and avoiding unnecessary damage is to take ’em out one by one. The less targets you have on the field, the less incoming damage you’ll have to worry about.

Remember to use the group attacks! If you have a lot of mojo stored up, you can use the group attack buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen. The most expensive one costs seven mojo and commands your whole squad to attack at once. Your heroes will gain a damage multiplier if they attack the same target in quick succession. Take advantage of this for massive damage!

Use the right squad for the job!

Heroes belong to one of the five major elements: Science, Fire, Dark, Might, and Magic. Magic beats Might, Might beats Fire, Fire beats Dark, Dark beats Science, and Science beats Magic. Upon starting up a new challenge, you’ll see a preview of the enemies you’re going up against in a box at the bottom of the screen. Use this knowledge to build your team accordingly – you want to gain the upper hand by using the elemental affinities to your advantage!

Synergize for the best squads!

Each hero in the game has a special “synergy” trait. These traits only activate if they’re in the same squad as other heroes who share the trait. When building your squads, there are two things you should consider and that’s elemental affinity and their synergy bonuses. Try to put like-minded heroes together!

Don’t forget your Tricks and Artifacts!

Tricks are one-time use consumables that affect the current battle you’re in. Don’t forget about them, as they can easily – as their in-game description states proudly – turn the tides of battle! Other items to be aware of are Artifacts. Artifacts are equippable items that provide the hero with stat boosts, like faster turns, more health, and so on. Artifacts only last a certain number of battles before they are used up, but they can be unequipped freely. Use your own discretion when deciding on bringing them!

That’s all for Champions and Challengers Adventure Time! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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