Rogue Games, the team behind the classic hit Glitch Dash, is back with an all new tough-as-nails endless runner. If you thought Glitch Dash was pure adrenaline… then you just might be ready to get supercharged!

Super Glitch Dash is the long-awaited sequel to ultimate twitch runner. Run, jump, and slide through a lethal obstacle course as it tries to smash you into smithereens.

You will need to dodge axes, hammers, lasers, grinders, spikes, and more instruments of destruction. To help you out, your runner now has more movement abilities to turn the tides.

Players can now run alongside walls, grind on rails, and even switch gravity to run on the ceiling. Things are about to get really topsy-turvy, so we hope you are prepared to run for you life!

And of course, Super Glitch Dash is packing a pumping soundtrack that syncs up to the course. When you are in the zone and the music is playing to your rhythm… nothing else is a greater feeling!

How far can you get? Go for the ultimate bragging rights in Super Glitch Dash, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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