When not sucked into the digital life, I prefer playing my board games with friends because, well, any type of human interaction adds a bonus to any board game out there. Therefore, I am not really the biggest fan of single player board games. However, things change a lot when it comes to iOS board games and Chainsaw Warrior, despite offering a single player experience, is an extremely promising game.

We’ve already talked about Auroch Digital’s game a while ago, but now we have to talk again as Chainsaw Warrior was just launched on iOS and you can experience it in its entire glory.


The game sends you in a race around the clock in a zombie infested New York to find the source of this zombie infestation and challenges you to stop it. Not the easiest thing to do because you are all alone there and the number of zombies grows with every roll of the dice.

So prepare to fight zombies, use tons of cards with different effects and get ready to save New York. All for the price of $4.99, and you can download the game here.



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