Chain Chronicle Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


The world of Yggdra is under attack by the mysterious black army! Gather troops for your volunteer army as you travel the world and defend what’s left! Chain Chronicle is a real-time strategy RPG with card collecting elements. We’ll help you drive the black army back to the shadows with our Chain Chronicle cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Chain Chronicle is an extensive RPG, rich with a lot of content, so let’s get started with our Chain Chronicle guide to forming the best army! Also, be sure to link your Facebook account to the game if you plan on playing longterm, as your data will be stored within your account.

1. Know your unit types!

In Chain Chronicle, there are over 150 allies you can potentially recruit. They all fall under a type of class:

  • Soldier (Red): Great offensive abilities, okay with defense. Can get picked off pretty easily by ranged units.
  • Knight (Blue): Great defensive abilities, okay with offensive. They come equipped with shields, so they take reduced damage from ranged magic and arrows.
  • Archer (Yellow): Can fire arrows from any distance at enemies in the same row as them.
  • Cleric (Green): Can’t attack at all, but instead heals nearby allies.
  • Wizard (Purple): Shoots ranged magic like the Archer does.

2. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses!

We touched a little bit upon it in the first tip, but you should know that each class excels at something and is weak in another thing. For example, knights can effectively advance towards wizards and archers without taking too much damage, but they will fall under a close-quarters fight with Soldiers, who excel at melee attacks. However, this also means that Soldiers have a rough time going against wizards and archers.

3. Formation and positioning is key!

With all that said, knowing where to move your units around is key to winning the battles! Try to keep your melee units (soldiers and knights) on the column closest to the enemies so that they can be quick to engage. Put your ranged units (wizards and archers) in the very back column and keep moving them around so that they support your melee units. Your cleric should always stay somewhere in the middle so that they can keep your melee attackers healed and your ranged attackers should a stray arrow get by.

4. Go for the battle bonuses!

At the end of each battle, you can win several bonuses. You get one for a speedy victory, one for keeping all of your units alive, and another for finishing the battle with a special ability. If you manage to hit all three bonuses, you get a 100% bonus to your gold reward, which is awesome! To get the time bonus, try to send your melee attackers after the enemies. You can’t send your units to position themselves in the enemy portion of the battlefield, but you can send them out temporarily to engage any enemy you see. Do this preemptively to get of the enemies as fast as possible. For the special ability finish bonus, you got to be a little quick. Sometimes it’s a little hard to tell who the last enemy will be, especially if the level doesn’t have a boss, but try to make a guess. If you suspect an enemy is the last one, wait a couple seconds and see if any other enemies come after it. If not, get them down to low health and then use a special ability to finish the job!!

5. Be sure to use the right arcana when fusing!

You can fuse extra arcana cards with the cards you use to level them up faster. There are also certain “enhancer” cards that act similarly to regular unit arcana, but they will have a class symbol of them. If you fuse the enhancer with a unit who matches the class, they’ll earn bonus experience from the fuse. Make sure to examine the enhancer cards before you fuse!

6. Stack multiple weapon arcana to increase your odds!

There are certain arcana cards that have weapons on them. Each weapon corresponds to one of the classes, like the Blade Crafter for soldiers. When you try to fuse these cards with the correct class, you have an opportunity to permanently upgrade that unit’s weapon, which will give them increased attack power and a higher crit rate. Be warned, the fusion is not a guaranteed success! Depending on how many cards you use, the enhance success rate will range from anywhere between 50% to 100%. You can check the rate before you perform the fusion. Using just one card will only have a 50% chance, so we highly recommend hanging onto the weapon cards until you get more.

7. Complete character quests to unlock passive abilities!

Each unit has their own personal questline you can pursue once you’ve hit the required criteria. For example, for Kain, the first unit you recruit, his quest unlocks once he hits level 20 and you reach the Hideaway Village. You can see the requirements in a unit’s info panel. Once you complete the quest, you’ll unlock the passive ability Poison Resistance for him. Be sure to do these quests once you’ve leveled up your team!

Chain Chronicle is an exciting new game to dive through, so we hope this guide helps you get started. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Chain Chronicle Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Is there any way u can redo unit quest. Cause I already done some of my 3* unit quest. Since I already did them, is there any way I can still get there ability.


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