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Ceres M: Best Characters in the Game

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In our article we are going to cover all of the best characters in Ceres M, so if you wondered which ones you should keep an eye on when summoning, if simply getting the ones with the most stars isn’t enough, then let me explain a little more in detail why I have selected a few of them!

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So I am going to cover some of the best characters in Ceres M, tell you their stats and skills and why I’ve chosen them, but you need to keep in mind that there are other characters which are good, but I have not listed, because I am not really going to tell you that 50 characters are good now.

So out of all the heroes in game, I have hand picked a few and I am going to explain to you why they are some of my favorites and what makes them the best in Ceres M in my opinion! Make sure that you check out our game guide first, so you can learn all the tips and tricks about the game, and let’s not waste another second and dive right in!

Emperor Pluton

Element: Earth

Class: Hunter

Leader Skill: Reduce the cooldown timers of all troops by 18%.


– Shiled Soldier: summon troop with tower shield that reflects all projectiles.

– Windbreaking Sword: release an energy blade that penetrates enemies

– Summon Ancient Weapon: summons an ancient weapon that gives massive damage to all enemies.

He is a good hero which can provide both (some) defensive and offensive bonuses to the team, and his leader skill is very useful because cooldown is always good, and especially since it applies to all the troops in the team.

Void Executor Claus

Element: Earth

Class: Warrior

Leader Skill: Enhance the Resistance of all troops by 30.


– Major Destruction: Hammer down the target with strong force, deals damage to the target and nearby targets and creates a barrier with DEF & RES that absorbs DMG and targets in range take -30% MOV SPD.

– Revenge for Blood: Creates a bloody shield for protection and explodes the shield at the end.

– Thunder Hammer: Strike target with massive power and airborn all enemies.

– Final Explosion: Mighty Executor gives explosive damage back every time he gets one.

He is a really great tank unit which doesn’t only come with super tanky skills and abilities, but has also some good damage to smash the enemy when they least expect it.

Saint Erica

Element: Light

Class: Wizard

Leader Skill: Enhance Mana of all troops by 200.


– Drain Health: Drain health from targets and divide it to allies.

– Support from the Spirits: Pray to the holy spirits and give power of protection to ally, purifying them from debuffs and making them ignore 1500 DMG for 10 seconds.

– Revive: Revives an ally that died in battle with full HP (or 40% HP if revived more than 2 times.

She is a really powerful support unit which has everything that a support character needs: heals, revive, debuff remover and shields. It’s a bonus that she does some extra DMG with Drain Health too.

Savior Herianna

Element: Wind

Class: Wizard

Leader Skill: Enhance Magic Power of all troops by 80.


– Mirror of Nightmares: The mirror reflects the target and creates false images with the same ability, which cannot use ULT Skill.

– Dream World: Blow clouds with sleeping power to enemies, sleeping them for 10 seconds and taking damage when they wake up.

– Dream’s Over: When Herianna wakes up, all allies, including dead heroes, arise with slight amount of HP recovered.

She is a powerful Wizard, being able to inflict damage and crowd control effects, but with Dream’s Over she can also provide a little support and healing to the allies.

Executor of War Shadow

Element: Dark

Class: Hunter

Leader Skill: Enhance Critical Rate of all troops by 15%.


– Shadow Hide: Dodge all attacks by covering yourself with your own shadow, and reflect 15% of DMG for 4 sec.

– Black Mark: Change position with the enemy in the back row, increases DEF, RES +15% and increasing DMG by 10%.

– Raining Arrows: Shoot arrows like rain all over the battlefield and decreasing target’s DEF by 4% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 4 times.

– Dual Blade: The shadows of the Dual Blades attacks the target twice, on 2 normal attack, give Effect DMG for 5 sec, debuff time +50%.

As a Hunter, he is a powerful damage dealer who can take on enemies and delete the back like squishy targets, and given the Black Mark he is especially good at that.

Goddess of Future Skand

Element: Fire

Class: Hunter

Leader Skill: Reduce cooldown time of all troops by 13.5%.


– Steal Time: Shoots an arrow that penetrates everything in the way. The arrow steals time from the targets and accelerates attack speed, stealing 10% of ATT SPD from target and normal attacks give ABS DMG for 5 seconds.

– Knot of Fate: Ties a knot to an ally, making them immune to harmful effects, and increases armor and magic resistance by 15%.

– Upcoming Fate: Controls the flow of time and makes the future fate come true, one of the following effects taking effect: death 3%, heal 10%, DMG 29%, charm 29%, illusion 29%.

– Stealth Attack: Arrows from nowhere are a great danger, on 5 normal attacks hide for 4 sec, and normal attacks from hide give +80 DMG.

She is very powerful, providing some skills which can benefit greatly the team, because of the buffs, debuffs and negative effects on the enemy, and because of the good damage she brings to the team.

Goddess of Past Woold

Element: Water

Class: Wizard

Leader Skill: Enhance Resistance of all troops by 30.


– Soul Aurora: Releases the ally spirit to reflect some of the magic damage nearby allies received, and restore health with the same amount.

– Soul Fragments: Link with surrounding allies to reduce DMG and collect soul fragments, linked allies receive -40% of DMG and provides 1 soul fragment (max 30 stacks), which reduce the damage the caster takes per soul fragment collected (like this: -150 x soul fragment of damage)

– Soul Crack: Creates a crack in the soul of the target, causing great damage (350 extra damage per soul fragment).

– Soul Absorption: Collect pieces of soul broken by strong attacks, which heal 15% of received skill damage.

She is one of the most powerful supports in the game, if not the best in my opinion. She can provide a lot of buffs to the team, so no matter which allies she gets they are very well empowered by her and with the Soul Crack she can also inflict a ton of damage!

These would be all the best heroes in Ceres M that I have picked! Which heroes do you like the most and why? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

Also, keep in mind that I have not mentioned ALL the heroes, because there are a lot of them! So you might find some of your favorites not on this list, but that doesn’t mean they are not good! They can be very good, so if you have your very own picks, let me know which!

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