Century City is a really amazing clicking game that challenges you to mine for gold and build an amazing city. You will have a lot of fun playing this great game, but we’re not here to praise it – even though it completely deserves all our praise – but instead share with you some Century City cheats and tips to help you make a ton of money and gold quickly and build your city into a real metropolis.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s start checking out below Touch Tap Play’s Century City tips and cheats!

1. Skip for free
When mining, you will randomly get a mini game that can greatly increase the amount of gold you generate, but can also harm you badly by taking away a percentage of your gold. Fortunately, you can skip those if you have gems and even better, you can skip them for free by watching a short ad in the game. I would recommend to use this every time to prevent the game from getting money away from you.

2. Don’t mine
If you are trying to collect a ton of money for your next big upgrade and you don’t want to risk losing money (if you have no gems and no free ads available), then simply stop mining and play the waiting game: you still get money even if you don’t tap when in the city view and you will get the chopper relatively often to give you some extra. Do this when you are close to reaching your target gold and you are not sure you can handle a minigame penalty.

3. Always upgrade everything
As soon as you see an exclamation mark on the Menu button (or back to surface button if you are mining), it means that you either have an upgrade available or an investment ready to be bought or upgraded or you have completed an achievement. Go to the menu instantly and purchase whatever you have unlocked – all upgrades are beneficial and will earn you more money in the long run. It’s as simple as that.

4. Infinite money cheat
Once you have your investments producing a lot of gold, you can go for an easy trick that will give you endless amounts of gold: first, turn off the auto-sleep option on your device, then plug it in and let the game run in the city mode. You will get a ton of money this way – and you can easily do this while sleeping to maximize revenue. Combine this with major invesment upgrades and you will really make a ton of money!

5. Collect your offline money
The investment buildings also give you money when offline – just look for an icon above the building, tap and hold it to get your reward. This goes for other mini games unlocked by the structures in your city – just tap and hold the icons to activate them or get your reward!

6. Visit friends or random people
When in the city mode, you can tap the face icon in the upper right side of the screen and select to visit a friend (or a random person once per 24 hours). Make sure you do so as often as possible because that will earn you free Gems – which are extremely useful for a lot of situations to help your city grow.

These are for now our Century City tips and cheats. If you have other tricks to add to the list, let us know by commenting below!


  1. Save up your automine for when you have a finger powerup and if you run out of free x2 multipliers to watcch a video the. Exit out of the game, double press the home button, swipe up on the game and when you play it again you will have them back


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