When I saw that a new game called “Cell Trap” was launched I thought – well, not another Agar.io clone! – but fortunately, despite the name, the game has nothing to do with the aforementioned amazing game. It’s really different, actually – and very difficult – as you probably know if you are here right now. So I’ve decided to help you get the most out of it by sharing some Cell Trap tips and cheats with you.

The game is insanely difficult and requires a lot of patience and planning – and I don’t really excel at any of these, but maybe you will be able to make it! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Cell Trap cheats and tips below!

1. Fill your corners with low numbers
Although you might be tempted to go all the way to high numbers and matches as soon as the game starts, if you are strategic and especially patient, you will get a lot further in the game. Although it won’t be easy at all at first, you will get it with some practice: try to fill your corners with numbers of similar value, ideally low value numbers. Try to have those areas filled and leave as much space open for regular play in the middle – this makes it a lot easier!

2. Don’t be afraid to let your board fill up while doing this
Arranging the numbers towards the corners will fill up your board pretty fast because you won’t make too many matches. But after 2-3 moves, you will usually be able to move tiles around, create matches where you want them and open up new spaces for your other cells to move through. This is what should be done!

3. Plan the empty spaces too!
This actually goes hand in hand with the corner strategy and is part of it. When your board gets pretty much filled up, it’s time to start making matches (I repeat, towards the corners) and plan open routes for your numbers as you do. It’s vital to make the matches exactly where they belong and where they should be so that you open up space for more matches in a row.

Whenever you match 4 tiles or more, your board will not get flooded with new tiles – so take advantage of that to empty up the board as much as possible (and this is the reason why you shouldn’t be too worried about it getting filled up early on). Here is an example of these strategies combined, with a game that keeps on going:

cell trap - corner strategy

4. 256 matches disappear!
If you manage to match 4 cells with 128 or 256 value, they will disappear from the board. Try to match 5 of them for maximum board value, but if you can go with 4, it’s also really good!

These are for now our strategies for beating Cell Trap. Do you have other tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know by sharing a comment below!


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