MU Origin is quickly making a name for itself as the real-time MMORPG that keeps getting bigger. For proof of this, you needn’t look further than the latest game-changing summer update that goes live today. Going on two years strong, MU Origin shows no sign of slowing down. This time expect an improved domain system, new pet abilities, and more.

The first thing MU Origin veterans will notice is the completely reworked domain system, which now features more activities to undertake. There’s the opportunity to resource three new building types: Ruins, Fortress, and Duelfield. All of which can be constructed by running through fortress quests to collect energy cores, using the cores to gain more resources.

Next up are the various newly-added opportunities players can explore with their pets. Most notably, pets can be placed in the fortress to aid you in defeating bosses and completing quests – you’ll never need to go it alone again! Also helping you in questing is the fresh inclusion of tier 13 equipment, which isn’t limited to any class and can be acquired with certain chances when using tier 12 weaponry.

And last but not least, Guilds looking to prove their worth will want to step up to an all-server scale tournament known as Guild League. Guilds will need to be level 6 or higher to participate, meaning only the best of the best will get to butt heads on the Olympus battlefield to claim an ultimate prize.

There’s plenty more to see in MU Origin’s big summer update, so why not check it out for yourself? Jump back in or experience the game fresh by downloading it free today from the App Store or Google Play.


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