Today heralds the start of another World Cup, but it’s possible the opening fixture of Russia against Saudi Arabia doesn’t quite get your motor running.

But fear not, as developer Djinnworks has recently updated Stickman Soccer 2018 to make sure your World Cup fever stays strong.

It was a game already rammed with options – over 150 teams, 75 million players, multiple leagues – but now it’s bolstered its squad even further. So to speak.

New additions include the ability to fully edit leagues, meaning you can mix up club and national sides if you wish. In fact nearly everything is customizable, including the football itself.

There are also even more pros to sign in the title’s transfer market mode. In-game things have also improved too, with goalkeepers having far more abilities on and off the ball.

Finally every fixture from the World Cup will be playable via the daily live games option to help make sure that you really get into the tournament spirit.

With Turkish and Brazilian club sides to be included soon – and French ones just being added – Stickman Soccer 2018 only looks to get better in the coming months as well.

Ultimately this is a game well worth a shot (pun intended), and it’s available to download on Google Play and the App Store now.


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