Cavefall: Endless Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Descend a mysterious icy cave in Cavefall: Endless Adventure! Cavefall is a simple yet challenging one-touch game where you must brave the depths of a cave brimming with unknown dangers. There’s more to this cave than meets the eye, so our Cavefall: Endless Adventure cheats and tips will help light the way!

Cafefall: Endless Adventure is an addicting and challenging game, so we’re going to make you’re ready for anything with our Cavefall: Endless Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Monster slaying combo!

Destroying at least three monsters within a short time window will start a score combo! Your combo will start at a x1.3 multiplier and yellow gauge will appear. Your combo will end once the gauge empties and your final score will be tallied into your current score.

Collecting red orbs will refill the gauge slightly while taking out more monsters will refill the gauge completely plus increase your combo and multiplier. Keeping a long combo is the key to getting high scores!

Utilize the quick flip!

Your character doesn’t have to hit the opposite wall before you can jump again. This means you can perform some crazy flips by tapping to launch yourself then immediately tapping again to land back on the wall you were initially on. This “quick flip” sounds sort of pointless on paper, but it’s actually really useful in a number of situations.

  • Sometimes monsters will spawn directly below you. The game has a nasty habit of spawning spikes on the other side of you directly across from monsters, making it unsafe to approach the monster from the opposite wall. This is where performing a quick flip comes in handy – you can safely take out the monster while staying on your original wall.
  • If you need to dodge a short obstacle on your wall, quick flipping is great for doing so. Again, just like with the monsters, spikes will appear during these times so you’ll want to stick to your original wall.

The “Extra Speed” unlock is useful for making these quick jumps easier. This upgrade makes your jumps lightning quick, allowing you to perform some speedy maneuvers.

Collect the pages to advance!

Each section of the mysterious cave holds three lost notes for you to collect. These notes detail the adventures of an expedition team who entered the cave before you. These notes become more grim the further you go down, leading us to an ominous conclusion. You’ll see these notes randomly as you traverse the caves, and you’ll need to pick up all three before the next section of the caves unlocks.

Some of these notes will be lying around in plain sight waiting for you to collect them, but some will be hidden away in a tricky contraption. Pay attention to the environment because you might need to hit a switch or something to be able to get to the note!

Watch out for the unique obstacles!

Each section of the cave is riddled with traps and obstacles, and some of them house their own unique designs as well.

  • The Icy Cave is the starting level so as you can expect there’s nothing too crazy here. Just regular ice spikes and slippery ice walls that will speed you up if you slide down them.
  • The Dark Cave holds some spiked walls that impede your path. Nearby them are red buttons – slide over them to flip the spiked wall open.
  • The Ancient Tunnel signifies you getting closer to the mysterious cave creatures. Here you’ll start to see the purple monsters and tentacles that break out of the wall – they can be destroyed normally though. You’ll find some sections of the walls covered in sticky purple goo that slows your descent, which can be deadly in conjunction with the new monster. You’ll encounter a glowing purple blob on the wall that releases a smaller blob that follow you when you pass it. You’ll need to shake off the blob by jumping back and forth rapidly.
  • The Lost Ruins only has a couple new obstacles. One of them is a alternating spike wall. Both sides of the wall will be covered in a long strip of spikes, but only one side will actually be spikey. After a couple of seconds the spikes will retract and the other side will pop out. Be sure not to be on the active side!

That’s all for Cavefall: Endless Adventure. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to survive the Cavefall, let us know in the comments below!

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Cavefall: Endless Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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