Cave Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of the Cave Heroes tips and cheats to help you get more powerful and improve your heroes, while gaining a steady income of resources which will let you hire more resources.

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This game is something similar to an idle dungeon crawler game, where your heroes are fighting incrementally stronger opponents and you will have to try to be on par with them! So since there are just so many things to cover, I would say that you came to the right place to learn how to properly improve your little village and pass through more dungeons!

So without further ado, let us dive right into the Cave Heroes tips and tricks right here below and learn everything there is to know about the game and how to build correctly to get stronger, faster!

Go build in your village – the heroes will keep on fighting

If you are eagerly watching the dungeon crawling part then you are pretty much wasting your time because there is not much happening there! What you should be doing instead is going to the village and start building resource farms so that you can work on getting better gears and more powerful!

The way that this game is designed to work is this: you are building a village which will support your heroes’ adventures. The more resources you can produce in the village, the more powerful you can make your heroes which are fighting in the dungeons. Basically you will have to build and make tons of upgrades, so that you can craft better gears for the heroes which in return will fight for you.

You always need more Huts / Houses

As you are playing, no matter how much you upgrade the other buildings all around your village, you will still need to buy a ton of Huts (at the beginning, until you unlock Houses) and then move on to expanding and start building Houses.

A Hut will only hold 1 worker inside, so it’s good at start, but after you unlock the House, you should stop building Huts and focus on the Houses instead – they will hold 3 workers. They will make quite a big impact on how fast you will progress in the game, because the more workers you have, the faster you will gather the resources and thus in return you will make upgrades quicker.

So therefore I suggest that whenever you have the resources necessary after you’ve unlocked the Houses, you should focus everything into building as many as you can because then you can hire a lot more workers which will help you upgrade the rest of the resource farms as well.

Upgrade your resource farms

There are a few resource farms which you can build, and those will help you increase your village overall. You will have the following:

Granary: this is the building where food is stored, which is always farmed by Farmers.

Storage: this building will store up wood, which is always farmed by the Lumberjacks.

Forge: here is where the metal is stored up, and this is always farmed by the Miners.

These are the three main resource farms that you should build and upgrade whenever you can, because they will fill up quicker than you might imagine!

As you hire more resource farmers farmers (I am referring here to actual Farmers, Lumberjacks, Miners, Gold Miners), you will farm more resources which will require you to increase the storage space. That’s why it is good to level up the actual buildings.

Then, you should build more Houses which can shelter more workers and when you hire those workers (farmers) you will increase productivity overall. It’s a production cycle which never ends!

Don’t miss the Imp Offers

Every now and then you will spot an Imp randomly flying across your screen. Tap on this and it will give you either some resources or offer you to watch an advertisement which will give you some extra bonuses!

The worst time in which the Imp can appear is while the tutorials will pop up on your screen, because then you can’t really do anything until they disappear – not even fast them forward.

So make sure that whenever you see this little Imp flying on your screen you tap on it because it will pay off in the long run.

Upgrade all of the buildings and learn what they do

There are quite a lot of buildings which you can add to your village, and if you want to upgrade them all, then you should first learn what they are used for because while there are the resource farms that we detailed about above, there are also other types of building which will help you with encounters and spells.

– Well: this building will increase the maximum mana.

– Foundry: this building gives you 1 gold per second and allow you to hire Gold Miners to farm Gold for you.

– Altar: this building will give you % increased mana production.

– Mana Lab: this building will give you mana per second.

– Spell Factory: this building will create battle spells and add slots for Mages to be hired (which help with battle).

– Arena: this building will boost Connor and allow you to hire fighters to boost him further.

– Archery: this building will give Robin more power and allow you to hire Snipers to boost them further.

In my opinion you should carefully read their description and materials required for upgrade, then see what the benefits are for making these upgrades. Once you’ve done that, you should buy them in the order which you think will help you the most during battles.

Hire more workers and fighters

Always try to hire as many workers as you can, because those will make production much, much faster! They are important and they should come before the fighters in my opinion, because the sooner you progress and make resources, the faster you will then be able to upgrade the gears and make your team stronger.

Once you are pretty confident that your workers are good, then you should move on to hiring more fighters. The fighters will boost the heroes’ power, and other stats used during the battles (such as Crit, HP, and so on) so they have their own role which is pretty important as well.

My tip here: I always like to go for the resource workers first and once I have gained a pretty decent steady resource income then I move on to upgrading the fighters up to a level which I can afford and will allow me to pass some stages.

Can’t advance further? It’s time to invest in resources again

If your heroes cannot advance and battle the stages any further, then it is time for you to go back to square one and upgrade the resource farms again and again. You should always do this when the power that you have seems to fall off slightly, because then you can just make these upgrades and try to advance further again.

So don’t forget to upgrade whenever you feel like it’s getting harder to pass the stages, because it will make things easier in the long run.

Upgrade the gears for your heroes

While the gear system is not exactly the typical one, you will unlock gears as you advance. Each of the characters have a type of gear which fits it (for example Connor has Sword, Breastplate, Shield) and those can be upgraded by using various resources.

You should always try to upgrade them because they will grant the heroes more stats and will make them advance much, much faster! You can find the gears in the third tab, and I suggest that as you produce more resources, you should go ahead and upgrade the gears somewhat balanced – so make them all level 2 at start, then level 3, and so on.

This will ensure that none of your heroes will fall off so it is better to make these upgrades as you gather the materials and slowly balance them out.

Watch advertisements for various boosts

When you head on to the top side of the screen, you will see a few buttons. What we want to focus on here is the third button – when you tap on it a menu will pop up with the name Visions. When you check out the visions you will see that if you choose to watch a few advertisements you will be able to activate for some time the Spirituality, the Prediction and Clairvoyance.

To activate all 3 of them you will need to watch 3 ads, so make sure that you do this because the visions will stay active for quite some time (several hours).

You should also go to the Spiritual Rituals tab, which will let you activate a couple of other boosts. At the bottom of the list you will see Holy Zeal and Sacred Fury. While the Imp will probably activate some of these for like 5 minutes for you sometimes, you should go ahead and watch an advertisement to activate them.

Watching an ad for Holy Zeal will activate it for a short time at first. but if you choose to watch another one it will keep it active for 8 hours! So try to do this and always have the boosts active. This is super good because it will double the production of all resources, so it’s definitely worth it.

Now these would be all of our Cave Heroes tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies to get stronger? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Cave Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger

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