Cat Vs. Cake builds a bit on the (fading) craze surrounding Flappy Bird and mixes it with elements from Jetpack Joyride to deliver a pretty cool experience to those looking to boost their high scores. I am here to help you with a bunch of Cat Vs. Cake tips and tricks (we are still searching for cheats, and if we find any, we’ll share those with you as well). There’s really not too much to do in this game and your skill is what matters the most, but having in mind some nice Cat vs. Cake tricks will surely help!

1. Stick to the middle
Your best bet for the huge majority of time is to stick to the middle of the screen. From there, it’s a lot easier to tap and hold to go up or simply go down to avoid the birds and other obstacles.

2. Strawberries are your goal
It’s not the distance that you can keep the cat alive, it’s the strawberries you are able to collect along the way. So make them your main priority, but don’t risk too much for one strawberry. In the end, the longer you stay alive, the more strawberries you will collect.

3. Bubbles are your friend
Whenever you see a blue bubble on the screen, go for it! It gives you invincibility for as long as the bubble is active and hitting one bird won’t break it. It’s really useful!

4. Cakes are your friends, too
They trigger a special mode where you can collect a ton of strawberries. You have to avoid a big cake first, though – and it’s pretty difficult since it takes up most of the screen, but if you stick to the middle you will have an easier job at avoiding it easily. And after you get past it, simply hold the finger pressed on your display and you will collect the biggest amount of strawberries possible.

5. Follow the arrows
When arrows appear on the screen, do what they say: an upwards arrow means that you should tap the screen and keep it pressed until the wave of birds goes away. The downwards arrow means that you should lift your finger and let the cat drop until the wave is gone.

And this would be all in terms of Cat Vs. Cake tips and tricks. We’re working hard to find any cheats out there, so if you have them, let us know in the comment section below!


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