Cat Condo has just been launched on the Google Play store, exclusively for Android users, and we can’t wait to share with you some Cat Condo cheats: tips and tricks in a complete strategy guide that will help you get the highest level cat as fast as possible.

In terms of gameplay, things in Cat Condo are pretty basic. It’s your regular stacking game that challenges you to combine two cats of the same type in order to unlock an even better one. But can you get to the 100 level cat? That will surely require a lot of dedication and our Cat Condo tips and tricks will surely help you achieve that.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Cat Condo tips and tricks to get you there ASAP!

Always keep your cat spots full
No matter the level of the cat, it will produce coins for you which can be exchanged for purchasing extra cats. Therefore, you’re losing money if you have empty spots, so always make sure to fill all the spots with cats, even if we’re only talking about level 1 kitties.

Managing the ads
Watching ads can prove to be extremely useful in the game. You can and should watch ads in the following circumstances:

– when you get back to the game after a longer period of away time in order to double your earnings

– in order to double your earnings for two hours. This is not essential, but helps a lot in the long term

– when you’re unlocking a gift box and you want to upgrade the cat you have received. Have in mind that you will only upgrade the cat by 1 level, so do this especially when the level of the cat gifted to you is already high.

Spend your money on cats
There’s no point hoarding coins – they’re made to be spent on purchasing high level cats, so make sure that you always do that when you have the chance.

The price of buying a specific level cat increases after each new purchase, so eventually it will no longer be cost-effective to do so, but until then you should purchase as many as possible. I usually purchase around 20 cats (or sometimes even more) of a specific level before moving to the next.

This just makes it a lot easier for you to get to higher level cats faster, but it’s not something that can not be achieved from combining lower level cats too. So if you really want to save money, planning for big upcoming purchases, you can do that as well.

Increasing the quality of the boxes you get
Unfortunately, you can only do this by unlocking the feature by spending real money in the game, but if you enjoy Cat Condo, it’s something that’s worth doing as it will simplify your life a lot, even though you’re just getting an extra level per box.

Apart from that, we weren’t able to find any actual cheats for the game, but we’re still looking and if we find them, we’ll make sure to edit this article and share our findings with you.

As I said early on, there’s not really much to help you with in terms of strategy for Cat Condo, but every extra bit helps hopefully. If that’s the case, I hope you have enjoyed our beginner’s guide for the game.

And if you have some tips of your own to share, don’t hesitate to do so by posting a comment below, in our comment section!


  1. I downloaded the iphone version, and it looks the same.

    One cheat I found: I purchased a couple of levels to get better quality cats. Turns out you can bye the lower quality cats (as long as the price is lower than anytbing else available), and they appear as the higher entry level. This can be a real bargain until the price becomes too high.

    • the goal really is to collect all of the cats. there really is no winning, just collecting. really just keeping tapping and getting cats, the only limit to how many cats you can get is the amount of space you have

  2. Open a gift box and say you want to upgrade it. During the ad exit the app and reopen it. The gift box will still be unopened so open it. The cat will probably be different and if you’re lucky a higher level. Keep going this until you are satisfied with the cat you receive.

  3. Unlimited coin and speed up 2-hour free gift box on iOS: load the game and collect the away reward, close the game but don’t swipe it away (leave it running in the background). Wait at least a few minutes for the coins to generate. Turn off WIFI and Cellular connection. Return to the app and hit the button to double it.

    If done right it will add the coins to your balance and keep the collection box open. Continue pressing double it to add again. The more you press it the more it will earn (you will notice it continues to grow as if your not in the app.) After several times it will unlock the cat gift box as well (I’ve never had to hit more then 4 or 5 times, even if I have just collected it.)

    Note: if when you press the double button you get a loading wheel for 2-3 or more seconds the hack didn’t work, try it again. I still sometimes hit where it doesn’t work but have gotten to where it does most of the time.


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